/Box office: ‘The Marksman’ topped the list with 2 million

Box office: ‘The Marksman’ topped the list with 2 million

Pray for movie theaters.

Open Road’s Liam Neeson thriller “The Marksman” won first place for the second weekend in a row, grossing just over ২ 2 million. The film grossed $ 6.1 million 10 days after its release.

This performance enabled the movie to retain its box office crown, but the kind of difference that existed during the pre-epidemic period is not worth it, especially since movie theaters were closed indefinitely in large markets such as New York City and Los Angeles.

In fact, the landscape of the exhibition is hampered by a rubbish and lack of vaccines, you know, vaccines can be a short supply of help. There are very few instances of such a sector recovering rapidly in a declining economy due to a public health crisis. Last week, MGM became inevitable and released its James Bond sequel, “Die Time to Die” from April to October.

Bond’s move encouraged release date shifts, including the likes of “Morbius,” “Ghostbusters After Life,” “Cinderella,” and “A Quiet Place Part II” Stays. At the same time, AMC chief executive Adam Arn, a dangerously lucrative show whose coronavirus has largely spread to the brink of financial ruin, sat down for a long profile in the New York Times, where he tried to reassure Wall Street that the theater chain would continue its hatred. Will re-capitalize (again) to go. There are many more tracks to deal with Aaron and his show brothers before CVID lags behind.

Here’s how the rest of the packs performed. DreamWorks earned 1. 1.8 million in the ninth week of the release of the animation’s “Crude: A New Age”, with internal expenses rising to $ 41.8 million. Internationally, the film grossed territ 1.6 million in 1 territory, with a total worldwide gross of ৮ 138.7 million.

Warner Bros. ‘ “Wonder Woman 1984” has been fined 6 1.6 million domestically. The superhero sequel HBO Max debuted together in an attempt to drive customers to the WarnerMedia streaming service. Internationally, “Wonder Woman 1984” raised 2.1 million. The film grossed 14 148 million worldwide.

Sony Pictures’ “Monster Hunter”, a popular video game film adaptation, grossed $ 820,000 and grossed গৃহ 10.2 million.

Western, including Tom Hanks of Universal’s “News of the World”, which is available on PVIOD, earned 8 810,000. The film grossed 9. 9.6 million domestically five weeks after its release.

Lionsgate’s “Fatal” is a psychological thriller by Hillary Swank, earning $ 415,000. After more than a month in theaters, its domestic revenue is 3.53 million.

Focus Features “” Promised Young Woman “has received 400 400 million, bringing its total revenue to 4 million. Part of Parent Studio Universal’s contract to pay, available at PVIOD.

Here are just a few examples of how the drama business has declined: Box office revenues have plunged 90% this month since January 2020, when the epidemic still lingered.