October 23, 2021


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Brian Wilson went solo on the Beat Boys classic ‘At My Piano’

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If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be alone in Brian Wilson’s “My Room” with his keyboard, that opportunity is coming. “My My Piano” will be released on November 19, a newly recorded album to show that the Beach Boys’ master is rethinking his classic content on his solo piano rendition, sun vocals or any other music.

A teaser track from the album, his new version of the Beach Boys classic, “God Only Knows,” is being released today.

The track list of the Deca release, described as “a deep comfortable collection … suitable for sunset and golden days”, includes 15 selections. Diehard fans will find that there are more songs than this, as one of the tracks is “Sketches from Laughter”, a mix of four songs – “Our Prayers,” “Heroes and Villains,” “Wonderful” and “Surf Up” – 1960s. From the legendary “Smile” project that began in the decade but ended only in the early 21st century, followed by a full-length version of “Surf’s Up” followed by that medal, which is considered one of his best compositions.

In addition to “God Only Knows,” “My Piano” includes three more songs from Beach Boys’ most acclaimed album, “Pet Sounds,” including: Believe. Other band choices include “In My Room”, “Don’t Wear Baby”, the eternally haunting “Till I Die” and the ever-celebrating “Good Vibration”. Included.

The most obscure pick is the last track, “Mount Vernon Farewell”, a summary of the more epic “Mount Vernon and Farewell”, released in a bonus EP in 1973 with the “Holland” album.

“We had an authentic piano in our living room and I played it every day since I was 12 years old. I never got any lessons, I was completely self-taught,” Wilson said in a statement. It has played such an important role. It has bought me comfort, joy and security. It has stimulated my creativity as well as my competitive nature. I play it when I feel happy or sad. I love to play for people and when no one is listening. Love to play alone.In fact, the piano and music I created probably saved my life.

Wilson and his music are already back in a spotlight in Cognoscenti thanks to the release of “Feel Flows” in recent weeks, a boxed set (including a condensed version) that celebrates the Beach Boys’ fertile 1969-1971 period, which includes “Until I “

The original material was Wilson’s last studio solo album, “Peer Pressure,” which was released in Capitol in 2015.

Track List “On My Piano”:

  1. Only the Lord knows
  2. In my room
  3. Don’t worry baby
  4. California girls
  5. The warmth of the sun
  6. It doesn’t feel good
  7. You still believe in me
  8. I just wasn’t made for this time
  9. Laughter Sketch: Our Prayer / Hero and Villain / Wonderful / Surf Up
  10. Surf up
  11. Friends
  12. Until my death
  13. Love and compassion
  14. Farewell to Mount Vernon
  15. Good vibration

Wilson and his touring band, which includes two other Beach Boys members, Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin, returned on October 5. The three-week US show includes stops in Washington, DC, Nashville, Atlantic City. Acron and Port Chester, NY. His itinerary begins next summer with a European tour that starts in the Netherlands on 4 June and continues the show in the UK in early July.

A documentary about his life, “Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road,” consists mostly of footage of a new interview with Wilson, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in June. The distribution plan of the film has not been announced yet.

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