October 20, 2021


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Britney Spears’ attorney has accused Jamie Spears of bugging her home

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In light of allegations that Britney Spears monitored her phone with her Conservatives and bugged her home, the pop star’s attorney has filed a supplementary proposal to remove and suspend her father Jamie Spears from her guard.

When filed in the new court, the singer’s attorney, Matthew Rosengart, called for the immediate and immediate dismissal of Spears’ father, following a “September 29” hearing this week, following the “immediate termination” of conservatism.

Pointing to a report in The New York Times, which, over the weekend, broke the news that Spears had been accused of being closely monitored by a security agency without his knowledge. Spears ‘father and former business manager of the singer, Louis Taylor, and Robin Greenhill of TriStar Sports and Entertainment, run an intensive surveillance device that tracks Spears’ communications, secretly capturing audio recordings from his bedroom, including his personal belongings, the report said. .

The New York Times’ latest documentary, “Controlling Britney Spears,” which debuted Friday, uncovered the allegations in an on-camera interview with Alex Vlasov, a former employee of Black Box Security, who served as the chief’s assistant. Security agency, Aden Yemini.

(Yemini declined to comment when the Times reached out with a detailed list of allegations, although his lawyer provided the publication with a statement: ” Proud of their work to keep them safe for years. ”)

Calling for an investigation into the allegations filed by Rosengart on Monday, Spears’ father alleged that “his adult daughter’s privacy was involved in a horrific and unreasonable attack.”

In California, where Spears ‘home was alleged, it is a state of mutual consent অর্থ that is, it would be illegal to track Spears’ phone without his consent.

In a statement obtained by DiversityRosengart said, “The unauthorized recording or observation of Britney’s personal contact বিশেষ especially the attorney-client contact যা which is a sacred part of the legal system একটি is an unjustified and insulting violation of her right to privacy and an interesting example of deprivation of her citizens. Freedom. ”

“It would be particularly frightening to place a hearing aid in Brittany’s bedroom and confirm her so strong, touching testimony,” Rosengart’s statement continues. “Mr. Spears has crossed the indomitable line.”

Rosengart says there is “irresistible evidence” to remove Spears’ father, noting June 23 is Spears’ “strong and touching” testimony, in which he says his conservatism is “insulting.” The reasons for the suspension, the filing said, were “a lack of financial efficiency, her bankruptcy, her drinking, the recent domestic violence control order against her for hurting her daughter since childhood.”

He said the singer requested that “whether or not conservatism ever ends, Mr. Spears must now be suspended.” He told his client with a double promise not to work until his father was removed that “every day and every hour” that he remained as the custodian of his property gave Spears “pain and suffering.”

“Microsoft. Spears will no longer be suppressed or extorted, or he will no longer tolerate his father’s abuse, on the basis of his clear ambiguity,” the filing said.

Earlier this month, Spears’ father abruptly applied for the abolition of conservatism – a major change of heart, since he had been at the top of his daughter’s conservatism since 2008, controlling all financial decisions on his property.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Over the weekend, the filmmakers behind the Hulu and FX documentaries, “Controlling Britney Spears,” who spoke out about surveillance allegations, spoke to them. Diversity About their report. Producer Liz Day said: “So much was revealed for someone to come forward with evidence and help us understand how true what Britney said in court could be.” “It’s hard to understand how this could happen among the most famous people on the planet.”

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