September 22, 2021


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Britney Spears Conservatism Case: What’s Next for the Pop Star?

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In 2008, after 1 year of overseeing maintenance under her famous daughter, Jamie Spears suddenly asked a judge to stop the Britney Spears court order. But why now?

“As Mr. Spears has repeatedly said, what he wants is the best for his daughter,” said in Tuesday’s filing, when Jamie asked a judge to stop conservatism. “If Mrs. Spears wants to end conservatism and believes she can manage her own life, Mr. Spears believes she should have that opportunity.”

Despite her unconditional love for her daughter, a source close to the legal expert and pop star said Diversity The singer’s best interest was not the reason for Jamie’s abrupt request to end conservatism, but rather the fact that seeing the writing on the wall was a legal strategy to save himself a face.

Spears’s father realized that he had dug himself deep into a hole and that there would be no victory for him – both in the court of public perception and perhaps in the court of law. In addition, he was concerned that he would be stuck with a multi-million dollar attorney fee, following the August 30 filing of Britney Attorney Matthew Rosengart, who accused him of extorting $ 2 million, in exchange for withdrawing from maintenance.

“It’s very self-serving,” said an attorney who has years of experience working in conservatism. Diversity Spears’ father suddenly decided to end the conservatism. “It’s a legal position to shift the focus away from them. This is brilliant law and order, but it is a kind of stupidity. ”

Jamie’s lawyer, Vivian Thorin, however, did not respond to numerous requests for comment Diversity.

Rosengart was unavailable for comment on this story. Earlier this week, however, the singer’s attorney issued a statement to the media, calling the appeal a “massive legal victory” for his A-list client, and promising that his agency would continue to investigate Spears’ father’s misconduct. “Financial mismanagement” and “Improper plan to take his daughter hostage in an attempt to get a multi-million dollar settlement.”

In a claim filed on August 30 that Spears’s father was trying to extort millions of dollars from his daughter, Rosengart wrote that Jamie – not Brittany’s property – would be “responsible for her lawyer’s fees.”

This fee is included Legal costs include $ 1,356,293, “major television and news articles, social media posts, global media research, and documentary film”, and public relations advice over $ 541,065.50 for “media issues” in court documents.

“Mr. Spears and his counsel are now on notice,” Rosengart said in a filing. “Britney Spears will not be extorted.”

Legal experts explain a possible scenario in which Spears’ father panicked about Rosengart’s threat and wanted to avoid a large sum of money back on him, due to the fact that all costs related to conservatism were subject to his approval.

Sarah Wentz, a partner at Fox Rothschild LLP, said: “To me, this means they didn’t know where they might be hiding after Rosengart filed, and she was worried about getting behind them and getting stuck in these fees personally.” Who specializes in conservatism and estate, but is not involved in the case.

As recently as last month, Jamie stood firmly behind his position that his daughter needed a protector. In August, her lawyer submitted a legal document stating that her daughter was “mentally ill” and that she may be mentally ill. A few weeks later, he finally agreed to work with the court on Brittany’s resignation from the conservative position, but said the conservator was still needed.

As the end of Tuesday’s appeal was read closely, Jamie and his lawyers never once stated their position on the end of conservatism. Instead, they point the finger at the court, asking Judge Brenda Penny to finish, only the singer’s own testimony and the court allowing her to appoint her own attorney. Jamie’s legal team advises that if the court thinks his daughter is capable of hiring her own lawyer, the court may very well determine that she also has the power to run for the rest of her life, without any conservatism.

“They’re very careful about whether they think it’s appropriate to shut it down,” Wentz said. “They’re taking it to court – if he succeeds, great; If it fails, those who look bad are the person and the guardian of the court.

In other words, Jamie and his attorneys are throwing messes on social media just months after the villainization and fans of the #FreeBritney movement from the violent army of Spears to the court, as the highly publicized case has caused an explosion. Public interest.

“They say, ‘Well, we try to put it on his head because if he wants it to end so badly, we’re asking for an end in the eyes of the world, which will reinforce our claim that we did nothing.’ Other than that, ”Wentz explained.

Family law attorney and former clinical psychologist David Glass said Spears’ father was “in a win-win situation.” Glass believes veteran Spears’ strategy to end the court was a wise move – well, for himself – to “get him out while pressuring everyone else to change.”

In Tuesday’s filing, Jamie said 13 years of conservatism have helped her daughter’s life, career and finances. But then, he said, recently, things have changed.

“Microsoft. Spears now speaks out in her frustration with the level of control imposed by the Conservatives, and appeals to this court to ‘let her get her life back'” if Mrs. Spears wants to end conservatism and Can manage, Mr. Spears believes he deserves that opportunity. “

The appeal is far from Jamie’s filing in Aug., when he said his daughter could be mentally ill and had viciously attacked her legal team.

“Applying to end the conservatism goes against everything in that filing,” Wentz said. “If he really thinks now is the right time to stop it, then the events of the August filing may not be true.”

Another reason for Jamie’s many moves this summer? Britney changes her legal team. Since the start of his conservatism in 2008, the singer has been represented by Samuel Ingam III, a court-appointed attorney who had no say in the election while under conservatism. But when he was given the power to appoint his own attorney to Rosengart this July and Ingham resigned, things began to take shape quickly for the star with more than 13 years to go.

Within a few weeks, Brittany’s new lawyer Her father was accused of “wasting” her multimillion-dollar fortune and made a formal request to the court. Pause and move He is from conservatism. After working with court-appointed attorneys for more than a decade, legal experts say Jamie’s team was over their heads against a powerhouse lawyer who represented the likes of Sean Penn and Steven Spielberg. (Experts further say that Princess Pop was very wise to choose a judge in Rosengart, as opposed to an estate expert, indicating that she was ready to fight.)

Since giving her first public testimony this June, Britney has asked Judge Penny to release her from her conservatism without an assessment and to press charges against her father for “abusing conservatism.” The superstar claims that her conservatives had an iron fist on her life, did not allow her to drive with her boyfriend, determine what she could eat and drink, did not allow her to go on vacation with her hard-earned money and did not allow her to get married. To do and to take a baby, preventing him from removing his IUD birth control device.

Although the chances of being released without evaluation are very low, the singer’s path to freedom may be much faster than recently imagined.

If Jamie continues to oppose the closure of the Conservatives, it could be a long trial to bring the singer and countless witnesses to the stand. Britney’s personal bodyguard, Jody Montgomery, had earlier told the judge that she did not believe it would be in her best interests to remove the pop star, due to the secrecy and emotional turmoil of the process.

But now that his father is raising his hand, the court can move as fast as it wants. Experts say the court could overturn the conservatism at the next hearing scheduled for later next month.

“If the judge’s mental health expert testimony is not required, it could end on September 29. It would be a relatively liberal and somewhat risky move on the part of the court, but in this case, anything is possible,” Glass said. “If not September 29, then of course this is the end of the calendar year.”

Wentz agrees that the court can exclude the singer from her conservatism if they think they have evaluated her adequately, perhaps with a court visitor in the next few weeks, leading to a hearing. But the attorney warned that the court could get itself involved if it moved too fast. “If the court keeps him for 13 years and then releases him within three weeks, it will be extensively verified,” he says.

“I think the court is going to feel a lot of pressure because Jamie overturned the court 100% to ask if they could handle his own affairs in this matter.” “If they get him out of it and it’s too soon, and they haven’t taken their time to make sure he’s really ready for it, it’s up to them now.”

One holdup with the Conservatives is that the Conservatives cannot see it with their own eyes. Earlier this summer, an attorney described the case to a judge as “the lawyer went wild.” As her father attacked Montgomery, the conservative’s best interests – Britney Spears – unfortunately left the courtroom.

“In general, the conservation team will focus on his or her return to power – taking care of the symptoms of physical or mental illness and proving that they are capable of making personal and financial decisions for themselves,” Glass said. “I’m not sure if Brittany’s attorneys can concentrate on that or be allowed to concentrate on that, so instead they turn the table and put pressure on Jamie. It’s ‘Britney okay?’ Out of the news. “

At the moment, the singer’s legal team has not said to stop conservatism. So far, Rosengert has only applied for the removal of her father, but has never spoken of the end of conservatism.

Rosengart did not respond DiversityHe was asked to comment on whether he would formally ask the court to cancel the conservatism.

“What I didn’t expect was that Britney Camp was taking a reasonable position to change her conservator and make sure she took the time to get on her feet and get out of her own world,” Wentz said. “If both sides were working together Both were looking out for her best interests, but why would this issue be stressed faster than the best? To end it faster than appropriate, the question asks: Is her father really working in her best interests?

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