October 20, 2021


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‘Britney vs. Spears is the producer of the Netflix documentary

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Rumors that Netflix is ​​working on a Britney Spears documentary have been circulating for years – not through the buzz in the industry, but on Twitter where #FreeBritney fans worked hard to speculate about the project.

On Tuesday, the much-anticipated project, “Britney Vs.” Spears, ”finally dropped – the third documentary to be made in so many days. The New York Times’ “Controlling Britney Spears” and CNN’s hour-long special report, “Toxic: Britney Spears Battle for Freedom,” both aired over the weekend, focusing more on the Netflix pop star’s controversial conservatism, and more on that. .

The Britney documentary frenzy began last February when The New York Times debuted on FX and Hulu with its debut documentary, “Framing Britney Spears,” which was widely credited with the singer’s conservatism in the public interest. But filmmaker Erin Lee Carr’s Netflix project has been working for a long time. Additional saturation on spears-centered programming was unplanned.

“When the film started, Erin was trying to figure out what was going on with Britney Spears, at a time when people weren’t really asking this question, except for a very small group of very dedicated fans,” said executive producer Dan Cogan. Diversity, Speaking within hours of Doc launching on Netflix on Tuesday.

When Carr started working on the film two and a half years ago, his primary purpose was to explore both the media portrayal of Spears and the conservatism under which the superstar was placed. But as time went on and more information about the Spears case began to emerge, Carr was getting new information.

Kogan, an Academy Award-winning and Emmy-winning producer, said: “He’s coming to her more and more and sharing details of what has become of this extraordinary process with this conservatism and the way it has been conducted.”

“Britney vs. Spears,” the singer’s conservatives are open to serious allegations of misconduct, described by Spears’ own testimony as “abuse of conservatism.” In response to Doc, the star’s attorney, Matthew Rosengart – who is currently fighting for the immediate dismissal of Spears’ father Jamie Spears – said the film confirms that “Jamie Spears is poisonous. For Britney’s recovery and she deserves to be free. “

The filmmakers hope that Spears will see their documentary, although they are still unsure if he is still there. However, a recent post on the singer’s Instagram account spoke out against the recent influx of documentaries – but fans questioned whether Spears wrote the captions himself, and differed on various projects to portray the Britney Army star: Docs , Others say they are capitalizing on Spears’ story financially and without his involvement in telling his own story.

Kogan speaks Diversity About the intent of the film and what he expects “Britney Vs. Spears “done for the audience.

How has your work at Doc evolved over two years, and when the Conservatism case has grown, it has been scrutinized?

We started making a film that is an equal part of conservatism and also a Britannia cultural event. We found a link between two things that made Britney a straight man through a certain type of lens, having sex with her when she was a child, or controlling her and her income as an adult, and letting her be Not the one he wanted to be himself. Over time that story has evolved and as more and more public awareness has been created that he is stuck in this conservatism, seemingly against his will, our focus has begun to investigate more than to explore the cultural phenomenon of Brittany. Over time, the film began to become more journalistic and investigative.

Brittany’s most loyal fans have emerged as their own inquisitive person. Has it added stress to you and the production?

Whenever you are making a film about a story that is already in the world, you feel a lot of pressure to get the story right and to make sure that you can answer the questions already exposed by that interest. We worked really hard to find out the details and a perspective that wasn’t there, so we could say something new.

Can you explain your efforts to try to access Britney, and whether she is aware of this documentary?

We have reached out to Brittany and her representatives many, many, many times, many times, under both the former Conservatives and the current Conservatives. I think for many reasons, they felt it was not appropriate to comment on him. But as you can see in the document, his current lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, gave us a statement for the record that is the film’s final card, saying that the film proves the worst abuse in conservatism that they know we wanted so much to be able to speak for. , But his representatives did not consider it appropriate. And I fully understand that her primary goal is to deal with injustice with her own conservatism and to take care of her children, as it should be.

For many years, it has been almost impossible for the media to ask him about how strictly he is controlled by this conservatism.

We’ve talked to a lot of people who were close to and in current contact with Brittany, and we’ve had multiple conversations with her current representatives, including Matthew Rosengart. I let Erin talk to her right. I don’t think that’s my place.

When Britney shaved her head at her story, especially the pictures and videos, there was controversy over whether it was appropriate for the media to republish the old pictures. Can you discuss which conversation to use to decide which image to use?

We specifically chose not to include the pictures that he publicly promised to trigger so that it would be really uncomfortable to see him on Earth again. We didn’t use any of those images. Our goal was to find cobwebs for people who run conservatism and conservatism. It was not for Britney to investigate. And he’s not there to show those moments that he talked about and never wants to see again. It was really about focusing on conservatism and what it was doing with it, so we focused on our visual imagery. You also see that Erin used a lot of imagery to chase after the paparazzi, and I think the goal was a lot of people trying to understand the endless pressure on her and the way she was hunted.

There is a stream of documentaries about Britney launching three separate projects this week. Do you think these projects are helping Britney, or are they capitalizing on her story without getting any part of it?

I have two answers to this question. I think the more information about this conservative behavior, the better. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and showing what has happened in this conservatism, I think, is incredibly important – not just in the case of Brittany, but in the California system as an abuse of conservatism.

When we made our film, the goal was to talk about the situation from the point of view of the fans which seemed horrible to her and to try to understand how it happened and to expose the injustices present there. This was Erin’s goal from the start, and I think it’s important to note that in Erin’s case, two years ago, no one but the extreme Britney fans was really talking about it. Sometimes movies take too long, especially in this case, it was so hard to talk to people because of the conservatism and the people who were running it were so scared that it took a while for it to launch.

So, it may seem that the film is coming in the midst of all this noise right now, but in reality, it was an attempt that started a long time ago and a lot of love and respect for Brittany and trying to understand that injustice has been done to her.

How does this dock differentiate itself from recent Britney projects?

We felt that a lot of work was already in journalism, but Erin didn’t have the emotional value that Erin liked it as a childhood fan and as an entertainer and that anyone was trying to figure out what was going on with one of her heroines. It was the kind of perspective we wanted to bring that we haven’t seen yet.

A legal letter was sent from a lawyer representing Lou Taylor, the former business manager of Brittany, alleging abuse of conservatism against Jamie Spears, who has emerged as the primary villain of conservatism. Do you expect the film to create a conversation for everyone involved with conservatism – not just Jamie?

I hope that this film and other Britney projects will expose the activities of all those who were working in an unethical way around this conservatism, no matter who they are.

Do you expect the film to be a success?

I hope this film can help educate people about the reality of his case, he has tried to fight against conservatism for many years and has not been allowed to do so, although conservatism says it is not. It’s clear that he wasn’t allowed to speak, so I hope it helps to get some information out there and also to educate his fans exactly what is happening because they all want to know why this person they love and why he loves Ador the way he lives Wants to do, he is not allowed to live that way.

Have you seen Britney the documentary, or if she plans to watch it?

Not yet.

Do you expect him to see it?

I do. I hope he sees it.

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