October 25, 2021


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Broadway director Jerry Jacques ‘Mrs.’ skepticism, ‘music man’ revival

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Eighteen months after theaters closed across the country, Jerry Jacques is back as he was when it went dark: his next big Broadway comedy rehearsal.

One of the boys in the art for laughter, the director (“Six Degrees of Separation,” “Guys and Dolls”) gets the stage version of “Mrs.” Suspicious “Up and Running” after the epidemic stopped just before the fourth preview. He yelled at her “Hello, Dolly!” Preparing for the follow-up to its star-studded box-office-durant stage: A brilliant revival of “The Music Man” is set for Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster.

But not everything is as it was before the epidemic. Over the past year and a half, the growing awareness and advocacy of the trans and gender-non-binary community has laid the groundwork for a “divorce” that masks a divorced father as a nanny for his children’s lives, even more complex. Handle in advance. Meanwhile, “Music Man” is moving forward with a new producer, Kate Horton, who took action in the wake of widespread allegations of abuse at work by Scott Rudin.

For “Doubtfire,” Jacques says he and the creative team tried to avoid crime by focusing on the public story of a parent on the show, who would do anything to stay with his children. “Given what has happened in the world around us, we would be crazy not to be as sensitive as we could be because what we are doing could hurt people,” he says. “We’re definitely not kidding with people who wear clothes.”

Meanwhile, Jacques has been in touch with “Music Man” for design discussions, check-in with the stars, and a recent two-week dance workshop. He has refused to deal with the allegations against Rudin, the other being that he worked very closely with the producer on “Music Man”, now he has no contact with her on the project. “When Scott said he was withdrawing, he did it,” Jax said.

The director’s working day now balances about 0% with “Doubtfire”, which starts previews on October 21 before opening on December 5, and 20% “Music Man”, which starts previews on December 20 and opens on February 10.

Like many theater professionals, she says she’s happy to work on the thing she likes the most – making people laugh.

“Comedy is humble forever,” he says. “When you think you understand it, what you thought was going to be fun doesn’t work. Then you have to find it again. ”

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