March 25, 2023


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BTS ‘Favorite Class of 2020’ (see) – brings a certain amount of hitset to close

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Not every young Tassel-Toser dreams of celebrating postgraduate day in a museum. But BTS fans were happy to make an exception, as the K-pop group held YouTube’s “Favorite 2020 Class” specifically at the Korean National Museum, where the hits lasted 12 minutes, much to the army’s surprise and delight.

Fans also rejoice: the complete lack of social distance between the members as they perform their usually tight choreography in the museum’s dilapidated state during the first issue of “Boy with Love” and otherwise in empty lobby spaces.

Afterwards, the group settled down and proved to be a fugitive fan favorite of three songs called “Spring Day”, including a rift between Jimin and Taye’s sweet sensations. Here, as with the number of more dress openings, soft colors and pastels dominated the outfit, forcing a Twitter fan to say: “They look so soft.”

While fans thought they were probably taking this plast note, a sleek and short-sleeved costume change once again raised the energy level for “Microcosmos”, which transmitted seating, but also allowed the choreography of the opening song to be a free range for BTS.

Except for the combined presence of Michelle Obama, BTS got the most screen time of anyone on the four-and-a-half hour webcast. The final part of the program deliberately, perhaps, made a multicultural statement. Apparently pregnant Katy Perry sang her recent “Daisies” followed by an inevitable “firework”. Meghan Thei Stallion turned into a nine-minute medal with two dancers from the backyard and kitchen enjoying the San Fernando Valley, lots of scratch out songs and just a few tone down gears. And the Latin American group CNCO was ahead to make it clear that the boy bands are not strictly South Korean provinces.

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