September 18, 2021


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Buckingham Catalog For Sale Fleetwood Mac Vet Lindsay Hypnosis

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Hypnosis songs were busy over the holidays: the fast-growing company announced 24 hours after announcing the acquisition of Jimmy Ivan’s much-needed catalog, announcing that it had acquired music publishing rights to Lindy Buckingham, famous for her work with Fleetwood Mac.

In addition to the 25% stake it acquired in September, Hypnosis – which has invested more than 1.5 billion in music catalogs in just two and a half years – now owns 100% of Buckingham’s music publishing rights, including its publishing and author’s share, as well as the entire catalog of 111 songs. The composition contains 50% share.

Buckingham was represented by Matt Sadie and Simon White, directors of Sea Three Management, his attorney, David Altchul, keeper of Altschull Olin and Vandergust LLP, and Rick Mozenter of his business manager, Reelnart & Fieldman Guild.

With his solo work and an album with longtime partner Stevie Knicks – who sold his catalog to Primary Wave for 100 100 million late last year – four credits to his smart single “Go Go With You” on Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumor” in Buckingham Catalog Included. One Way “- one of the top-selling albums of all time with 45 million copies worldwide, as well as the group’s 1975 self-titled album, 1979’s” Task “, 1988’s” Night Tango “and others.

In addition to his work with Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham has released five solo albums, as well as a 2017 album called “Buckingham Knicks” of 1973 and a 2017 album with Fleetwood Mac bandmate Christine McVee.

Merck Mercuryadis, founder of The Family (Music) Ltd. and Hip Gnosis Song Fund Ltd., said: “Lindsay Buckingham is still one of the best guitarists, lyricists and producers of all time. Paul has participated in any discussions with McCartney. As a solo artist and with Fleetwood Mack in the Hypnosis family, it’s great to both welcome him and his iconic songs.

Lindsay Buckingham said: “I had a long conversation with Mark Mercuriades before I reached an agreement with Hypnosis. I was happy to find a relative soul, a big fan of my work at Fleetwood Mac and a bigger fan of my solo endeavors. I look forward to working with Mark and the entire Hypnosis team in the future, and I am confident that my work body will be highly equipped with heart and insight. ”

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