October 23, 2021


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Busan and London selection ‘Pedro’ seeks outsiders in society

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Feature debut Natesh Hegde’s “Pedro”, which had its world premiere at the New Current Strand in Busan and has a next play date at the BFI London Film Festival, explores the theme of outsiders in society.

Tytler Pedro is a stagnant electrician in a rural countryside in the foothills of western India. He also does weird things and often gets drunk. A chain of events that reveals social prejudice is a phenomenon that is at a rough pace.

“A lot of the film stems from my life or the life around me,” Hegde said. Diversity. “Especially ‘Pedro’ is the story of a man who is struggling to adapt to social norms. I have a fascination for them. A lot of times I’ve struggled to adapt, so when I think of making a film, that’s what happened to me first. ”

“I was trying to see how a person in power could use the mentality of the community and the people,” Hegde said. “It’s not just limited to small towns. It’s everywhere. ”

“Pedro” produced by Shav Sethi Films, a very popular director of Kannada language cinema is Shav Shetty’s production costume, who often supports independent cinema. Hegde was introduced to actor and director Raj B Sethi Sethi. “Stages Shav Sethi was involved in the first phase and was excited to hear the story,” Hegde said. “Even though he practices different types of films, he has a concern that there must be diversity in the film. It was not so difficult to raise money because Ishav supported the film.

The cast of “Pedro” includes Gopal Hegde, Ramakrishna Bhat Dundi, Raj B Sethi, Medini Kelamane and Nagraj Hedge.

“Pedro” is one of the projects that won the Indian film market in 201 Ped.

Being selected for premium festivals like Busan and London is a huge incentive for The Hague. “It’s really gratifying that Busan, London and so many other festivals have shown so much interest in the film,” Hegde said. “It gives the power to express more freely. Festivals are not only fascinated by the subject, but also appreciate the form of the film which is a legitimacy of our efforts in the medium of cinema.

The next Kannada writer for Hedge is Amaresh Nugudoni’s adaptation of a short story and another about a family split that is again partly inspired by his life. Both are in the scripting stage.

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