October 25, 2021


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Busan World Cinema Entry (IM) Patient ‘Bose Trailer; Sold by TVCO

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Chilean Constanza Fernandez’s sofomo picture “(Im) Patient” (“El Pa (de) Saint”) is celebrating its world premiere at Busan International. Oct is a film festival in South Korea though there are mixed feelings about Fernandez.

“Korea’s coveted sanctions continue to be highly restrictive so I can’t join them,” Fernandez said. Diversity, Adding “I can’t fully enjoy its world premiere and I love this festival.”

However, his medical drama will be part of the festival’s World Cinema sidebar, which is “what I want to see this year and what makes me very happy”.

Rome-based international sales and production company TVCO has taken over the international sales rights for the drama, which in March participated as a work in progress at the art section of the Santiago International Film Festival (SANFIC) in Chile.

The film is based on the memoirs of Dr. Mig Miguel Cotto, a prominent Chilean ophthalmologist and renowned bioethics expert who was diagnosed with the rare and under-understood Guillain-Barr সিন syndrome and began recording his experience with the disease and the hospital where he was treated.

Cotto was also the grandfather of Fernandez’s son, so he witnessed his whole ordeal.

The play follows an elderly but fit doctor, starring Hector Nogera, who is suddenly hospitalized with a guillotine-barre disorder through which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves. He began to record his experience in a hospital where his position as an expert in bioethics gave him some priority treatment but did not relieve him from the dissatisfaction that most patients receive in-hospital and inexperienced treatment from inexperienced nurses. Perfect healthcare system.

As the title suggests, this doctor becomes even more impatient with the inadequacy of his care. The film follows her journey through her illness and her family’s new perception of her long-standing acceptance.

Trailer, bow exclusively Variety, Tracking a doctor when he is weak and suffering from a medical system deficit is part of most of his career. She said to be discharged but home care is more complicated and a bigger burden than she and her family expected. They are even more shocked by the prohibited cost of his treatment.

Produced by Roberto Doveris’ Nina Nino Films, Fernandez’s Cellosa Prods. And Fundación Pacuar, the first Chilean film to be funded only by the Cultural Donations Act, supported by the Chilean Medical Association Colmed, UC Christos and the University of Chile.

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L pa (d) ciente
Credit: Nina Nino Films

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