September 18, 2021


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‘Butt ready to kick in 2020’ with KISS New Year’s Livestream

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The clock is ticking on New Year’s Eve, and with the world’s most difficult years ready to resist, the self-proclaimed “World’s Most Popular Band” is a virtual concert live from Dubai, ready for the grand “KISS 2020 Farewell”.

“We’ve never been known for our finesse and we’re not going to start right now,” says singer-guitarist Paul Stanley. Different. “This year has been a difficult one for some and for others. Who better than us to kick in the butt? And we’ll do it in eight-inch heels. “

KOIS-KISS began the year 2020 to celebrate its final “end of the road” tour until the world and the touring industry closed on March 19. By the time the December 31 hit, the group had risen to a stage for performance, it had been 296 days. Stanley has promised that the group will do more than lose time for what it has planned for Thursday.

“It shows what we’ve done in these steroids. We are planning to break the Guinness World Record, ”he said. “We think, in the last count, we got a million and a half dollars. We will play all the songs that we expect to hear from all over the world. And the band is great, in great shape. It will be a great way to welcome next year, for which we are all looking forward. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to make everyone aware that unless we are all vaccinated, we don’t end these. People are celebrating a vaccine, but the vaccine is nothing until you apply it. So, with this in mind we will start the new year and say goodbye to the old in the fashion that only we can do. “

To move this memorable event, KISS has partnered with Landmarks Live, an organization led by show director Dan Catullo. Landmarks such as the Fu Fighters of the Grand Acropolis present concert films at various locations and have the experience of moving large-scale events to outdoor locales. Catullu and a team of 500 staff are working closely with sponsors on what will be a মিল 1 million spectacular event, including the construction of a nearly 250-foot stage at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai.

“We planted 70 date palms to do this. We’ll bring them back, don’t worry, but we’ve removed them. We set this huge stage right at the edge of the pool. “The pool itself is being connected as part of the set where we’re actually going to light a fire there,” he said. “And then Paul has to fly to the other side of the stage, which is the other side of the bridge. It’s very wild. “

The concert (streaming on to the UAE is just a piece of KISS and the long way to get the band there is taking Landmarks Live. The works include a documentary for the big screen in 2021. A film crew has been working with Catullo for the past three months and fans will be able to see the ins and outs of how the biggest event of 2020 came about.

“We are documenting every moment of it. We have a documentary crew of about 50 people and we are filming everything and it is going to be a complete movie that will be released in cinemas and drive-in theaters in May, ”he said.

The story actually started earlier this year, as the group and landmarks were already planning for a big event with the duration of their farewell tour, which is now closed.

“The ‘Last Road’ shows that we have, which is our final tour, it’s just the final KISS show, just in terms of technology, we’ve taken everything to a whole new level, and let’s talk openly about this: when you have another band or another Go see any performances, you get to see the KISS show because everything that happened these days has this DNA in it “We wrote the book and now it’s time for us to stamp this end of the road, literally as much as we can.

“And we are in this very lucky position that we are at the top of our game. And yet we realize that we can’t stay here forever. You can play the beat on the clock but the clock wins in the end. If we had been wearing T-shirts and jeans we could have played in our nineties, but we were running with about 40-plus pounds of gear and running an Olympic marathon. So with that in mind we announced this trip and it was a real blessing because many times in life when we lost someone or something we would say we were full of a kind of remorse for what we didn’t do or what we did. And in a sense, it’s a winning call, and an opportunity to legitimize why people have been our champions for so long. “

That was the plan. But on March 6, everything came to a screeching halt.

“This year started to get better,” Catullo said. “We were going to launch like a rocket. We were heading towards a big platform. It was going to be more ambitious than before. And we were ready to hit the ground running in March. And I remember exactly the day when I realized how bad it was going to be, because actually March I actually went to Auckland to meet with KISS, because I was talking to them during the farewell tour and the last shoot

“When Paul arrived I was actually in the KISS dressing room and they started talking about how the rest of their tour should be canceled,” Catullo said, “because it was getting worse. And it was the first time it really hit me how much it hurt.” It’s going to get worse. The following week, the “Life is Beautiful” festival was canceled.

In the summer, Catullu was in survival mode. He spent the summer trying to figure out how to stay afloat – including virtual attacks, Lu-Fi livingroom concerts and live event venues other than pre-tape rentals on social media. He even explored ten occasions in Australia, where cases were seemingly declining. The idea was scrapped when Australia went back to lockdown. Catullu was then asked to search Dubai, which had very few cases.

“I immediately left for Dubai. I meet people here. They were great. Tourism worked with me and everyone said bring the show here. My first call (KISS manager Doc McGee) was on the phone and I asked him, ‘How will the year end with the biggest event? ”

KISS’s touring life began as a big, loud farewell that turned out to be something different: the biggest show in the band’s history and a great symbol of an industry’s anticipation in crisis. If all goes well – Catullo said sales were pre-steady and would reach around 250,000 viewers – more to come in 2021 Cat Catullo said he has already discussed with other artists interested in performing in Dubai, and says there will be 10 more shows along the way.

“We need to stop it to bring hope to our industry,” he said. “Outside of my work, I’m a big concert fan, and I was missing the show, and I love him to death, but I don’t need to see John Legend again in his living room. We need big productions, and I miss big stage and big light shows and I’m pushing harder for your money. “

To do this, Landmarks has deployed an army – a KISS Army, if you are a worker – and partnered with American Hospitals in the UAE to have all the Covid-19 guidelines to protect workers. Crutches are divided into 25 groups, with color-coded, microchip wrists to help find communication. Additionally, more than 1,000 managed COVIDs will be tested. Catullo will basically be allocated to the security system with an estimated budget of about 50 750,000.

“We have a Kavid safety manual and online training before people come here. We test everyone every day and everyone has to wear a mask at all times and at social distances, “he said.” All crew members have different colored, coded passes. So if you have a blue pass, you have to be close to the blue man. This is probably my most complicated. Production “”

According to Stanley, he and Basis Jean Simmons, guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer are taking the virus seriously, and before arriving in Dubai on Emirates Airlines – where each member was isolated for hospital-level air filtration in separate cabins – just as strict.

“We are dealing with and tested almost every day. The house we are rehearsing in is cleaned and disinfected every day and no one else is allowed to enter that facility. Two to three people are working with us and that’s it, “said the singer. “No one was allowed inside. We took all the paths of the 500 crew members who put it together very seriously. Everyone has to be tested. And we’re not just trying to lead by example, but we’re making it clear that it’s protocol at the moment.” “It’s not time to dump her.”

These arrangements included tests before going to Dubai this past weekend to test with the landing.

“We certainly did everything possible, and in terms of doing anything like this at a family gathering or holiday, it wasn’t this year,” he said.

For the safety of the spectators, guests are watching the show at a comfortable distance from their hotel verandas or from the stage.

“It will be 3,000 people there, although in Atlantis they will be far away from us, it’s just a stunning resort where we’ll perform,” Stanley said. “But as an actor, I always thought that the camera or the microphone was the only way to reach people,” he said. So no matter where they are in reality, I’ll make sure everyone on their couch feels like I’m there for them. “

So far, the protocols are working. Catulo’s statement that Kovid did not yet have an employee.

“KISS has been so great, and they’re not just taking this virus seriously, they wanted to do it. Like they’re really looking forward to bringing people to the biggest show of the year, ”he said.“ I believe we all think it’s bigger than KISS and bigger than the landmark of the moment. Nothing big. Nothing of this size, anywhere in the world right now So everyone’s eyes will be on us.

He continued: “Everyone is eager to put forth extra effort. And this, really great about it. Everyone was with it – KISS, the crew, everyone, because everyone knows what that means. We needed to do something like this to give the industry some hope or to end the year with hope. And we’re trying to send a message that it’s coming back. We’re just getting better. “

Stanley added, “In the midst of the way so many people have been and hopefully seeing this end, I think there’s a reason to celebrate. There’s nothing more that can be published on New Year’s Eve on television. Rather than looking at the ass and playing a whole lot of music, I hope I was you.

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