October 20, 2021


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CAA, ICM Leaders What Lead to Blockbuster Agency Cell

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The CAA secretly met in a short time through negotiations for the acquisition of ICM Partners – so much so that longtime insiders at both companies learned of the moment of the deal before the news was officially announced on Monday.

To the trio of CAA leaders – Brian Lord, Richard Lowett and Kevin Hoven – and Chris Silberman, head of ICM Partners, the silence that followed was a sign that the leaders were adjusting their moods.

“It’s a proof of the reason for the partnership,” Lovette said. Diversity.

The agreement raises many questions that remain unanswered – ranging from the specific assessment of ICM to how the ICM leadership team will integrate with the CAA to the extent of the pruning that is inevitable in business reconciliation.

It has become clear that ICM’s strong publishing force and its recent investment in the UK’s soccer agency Stellar Group was the biggest attraction for the CAA. The idea is that ICM could be retained as Monica’s branding for publishing activities because ICM is the undisputed leader in the field of books, but this could not be confirmed.

In a joint interview, Lord, Lovet, Huven and Silverman stressed that they agreed to attach weapons because they have the same vision of how to manage companies and how to be most effective for clients. Both CAA and ICM have looked to WME and its parental efforts and to some degree UTA in recent years.

“Our priority for CAA is to work for our clients and we can do everything we can to provide the best service to our clients and create opportunities for our clients,” Lord said. He called Silverman and ICM TV Hancho Ted Chervin “sympathetic partners” and said “they will fit in our special culture and environment here.”

Silverman noted that while the merger talks have moved forward quickly, the agencies have had high-level “what-if” conversations in the past.

“We’ve been talking for a long time about working together,” Silberman said. “Together we were on the same side of the problem and the project. And it has been great. Sometimes we don’t agree with each other but we don’t agree in a way that is respectful. We’ve come together and the more we talk about the way they look at the world and the way we look at the world … it seems right.

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