October 25, 2021


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‘Cameynero,’ ‘Daughter of Rage,’ ‘Carbon’ wins the San Sebastian art

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Juan Mariso’s “Camionero”, Laura Baumister’s “Daughter of Reg” and Ion Borse’s “Carbon” are the winners at the San Sebastian Festival’s main art competition on Wednesday. Picks-in-post showcase.

Also among the winners were Juan Andres Arango’s “Where the River Begins,” Maria Janetti’s “Alemania”, and Carlos Lechugar’s “Vicenta B.” And Eduardo Crespo’s “The Winds Cave”, followed by a trophy at the Icusmira Bariak in San Sebastian, rapidly emerging as one of Spain’s youngest talent centers.

Three of the seven winning titles are Argentine, an indication of the undeniable depth of the country’s talent, as its industry, along with the Covid-1, continues to suffer due to the economic crisis.

With the project at the forum, many Latin American producers offer another strong year for an event that caliber came together as one of the most powerful co-production events in Europe সময়ে at a time when production partnerships seem to be the only way to fund filmmakers any ambitious art film.

Co-authored by Maris and Spanish director Javier Rebolo, San Sebastian won the 2009 Best Director award for “Women Without Piano”, and “Camionaro” won the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum Best Project Award for an Argentina-set story. , Joy and solitude.

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Courtesy of Fancy Movies

Maris describes the project as a road movie without a road, featuring mechanical, prostitute, dual-living men and missing characters. Lolita Films of Spain and Amateur Cinema of Argentina.

Now without even finishing a double award winner in San Sebastian – it has won three of the four awards proposed at its 2019 forum – “Daughter of Reese” has always been a pioneer in WIP Latam, backed by less than six production partners from Nicaragua, Mexico, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway, and provide a strong mix of social realist and solo lyricism.

It introduces 11-year-old Maria, who erupts in anger after abandoning her mother in a garbage dump in the Nicaraguan capital, Managua. She uses her dreams to explain what happened.

Both the WIP Europa Industry Award and the WIP Europa Award went to “Carbon”, the first feature of the Moldovan bourgeoisie, whose first short “One Les One More” won the Best International Short Debut Award at the Huesca Festival in Spain. Set in the nineties, “Carbon” sees two men in the army named Dima and Vasia. On the way forward, they stumble across a carbonized body and go out to establish its identity This soon proves to be an unreasonable act.

More admirers in the forum went to Arango’s “Where the River Begins” and Janetti’s “Alemania”. In the development of Paula Perez’s Inarsia Peleculus, “River” weighs in as a jungle set relationship drama between an amber woman and a white gang member. This is the third feature of the growing Colombian writer Arango, the Cannes 2012 Uncensored Rider titled “La Playa DC” and the much-valued “X500”.

Juan Pablo Miller’s Buenos Aires-based Taria Fina-based Pablo Giorgelli’s Can Camera D’Or winner “Las Axias”, Ariel Rotter’s “Incident Light” and Paula Hernandez’s “The Slipwalkers” are among the most sought after Oscars in Argentina. Janeti’s feature about the drama of a teenager’s age is the debut center.

Giving a diagonal acknowledgment of the passing of an era, Lechugar “Vicente B”, which won the Ajada Platino Industry Award for Best WIP Latam Film, has launched a Santa in modern Havana that can see the future of man. When his son leaves Cuba, he does not understand what is happening in his life or why he is being left alone in Cuba.

The production is produced by Claudia Calvino at Cuba Catcha Films and sold by Habanero. This marks the third feature of Carlos Lechugar, whose “Santa and Andres” starred in 2016 in Horizons Latinos in Toronto and San Sebastian.

“The Wind Grotto”, directed by Argentine director-screenwriter and DOP Crespo, focuses on Horacio, a veterinarian who moved from Argentina to Italy a few years ago. He lives with his young daughter Mara, an introvert who is interested in caves. When they meet deep in the mountains, they are finally exposed to each other. Crespo’s “We Will Never Never” competed in San Sebastian last year.

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Courtesy San Sebastian Festival

Art Award 2021


WIP Latam Art Award
“Daughter of Rage,” (Laura Baumister, Nicaragua, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway)

Ajeda Platino Industry Award
“Vicenta B.” (Carlos Lechuga, Cuba, Colombia, Norway, France)

WIP Europa

WIP Europa Industry Award
“Carbon,” (Ion Bore, Republic of Moldova, Romania)

WIP Europa Award
“Carbon,” (Ion Bore, Republic of Moldova, Romania)


Irusoin Post-Production Award
“The Winds Cave,” (Eduardo Crespo, Argentina)

X Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum Award

Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum Award
“Cameynero,” (Francisco Maris, Spain, Argentina)

Dale! Awards (Development Latin America-Europe)
“Where the river begins,” (Juan Andres Arango, Colombia, Canada, France)

Artecino International Award
“Alemania,” (Maria Janetti, Argentina, Germany)

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