March 29, 2023


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Can Palm D’Or winners to stream home – diversity

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Cannes Film and world-renowned celebrity observers are feeling nostalgic for the Cannes Film Festival, which will not be held this year due to the coronavirus. The festival has been canceled only twice before. In 1939, when the first Cannes were about to be launched, a few million MGMs arrived at the sea line, but after a night film titled “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, German troops invaded Poland and, well, the rest is World War II history. The festival resumed in 1946, and it was not until 1968 that Louis Mall-led filmmakers took on the task of showing solidarity with French workers and students.

In recent years, the festival has faced criticism for not having enough female directors in its selection policy, and French viewers have been forced to stop showing Netflix movies. But it remains the most important place in the world for Australians, stars, film fans and journalists alike, an exclusive, glamorous crush on humanity – a crowd scene that for obvious reasons could not happen in 2020.

Here are some of the top Palm D’Or and Grand Prix-winning titles from the 1990s and later – plus two from the ’70s and’ 80s – available for stream. (Sorry, David Lynch fans – 1990 Palme d’Or winner “Wild at Heart” is not available for rent, see his 2001 Cannes Best Director winner “Mulholland Drive” instead))

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