September 20, 2021


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Can XR Virtual Can Festival March আর Do Film Online – Published by Variety

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After planning a major physical expansion into its immersive and augmented reality program, the Cannes Festival’s March-Do Film is turning these forces into a wide-ranging online event, taking up half of this year’s five-day Cannes Film Market event.

Once the Cannes XR 2020, now redesigned as the Cannes XR Virtual, the entire Cannes Film Market has gone digital as a single online event on June 22-26, making Cannes XR Virtual Conferences, pitching sessions and project presentations available via 2D Tuesday du Film Online , Live video stream manga at Tribika Film Festival and Kaleidoscope websites Bar announced marcu two films – Cannes Film Market.

Bringing together executives from the traditional filmmaking industry, XR artists, individual producers, leading technology companies, investors, location-based and online distributors, Co-XR will co-host other reality museums featuring immersive work from VR, artists from around the world, and In the application of MOR in Steam, Vivport and Oculus VR users exposed to the open

“After preparing for a promising version in Cannes, where for the first time we were able to expand VR to Palm Beach, we had to reinvent the Cannes XRT and find a way to keep it online,” said Jeremy Pylard, executive of the Cannes Film Festival. Director.

He added: “I was impressed with how quickly our spectacular team and our wonderful partners were able to create a whole new concept where we would be able to experience the VR worldwide and with the best quality, which we hope to showcase. Was doing

Maintaining a long-standing partnership with Marchu Du Film, a customized virtual showcase of XR projects hosted by the Tribeca Film Festival will make its exclusive debut at Can XR Virtual in a three-day exhibition. The line-up will include the originally selected world premiere before the suspension of Tribeca at the Tribeca Virtual Arcade earlier this year.

“As we continue to explore the future of physical exhibition, it’s an exciting moment to share our immersive Qur’an with a wider world audience, and Kan is the perfect partner to help us perform it,” said Lauren Hammonds, senior programmer at Tribeca. In the statement.

China-based global VR content platform Veer VER3 36060 Movies, which will compete with 3 36060 movies. The winner will be awarded the Veer Future Award. Which comes with a cash bonus and a 10,000 10,000 premium delivery package that includes a global marketing promotion, online and LBE distribution and Chinese localization. The volunteer participating LBE showcase will be held at VR Zerospace in China for two weeks, with the goal of bringing the VR project and team to investors and the media, Veer said in a statement.

“With the development of 5G networks in China, VR is growing faster than ever before and there is a huge demand for premium VR content in the Chinese market. More and more investors are showing interest in cinematic VR content, “said Jinshu Chen, co-founder of VR VR.

An ear XR development showcase will be modified in conjunction with the kaleidoscope to create projects for decision-makers.

Among those confirmed on the Can XR Virtual Date are Todd Shaiman, head of the Good immersion industry; Pen Slavin, head of media, ARVR experience on Facebook; Ish Shita Kapoor, Director, Mixed Reality Content and Partnership at Microsoft; VeeR’s Jingshu Chen; Jack Sally, Head of RYOT / Verizon Development; And Sarah Vic, executive producer of Intel Studios

A network of location-based entertainment (LBE) partners in several major cities in the United States, China, and France will offer Can XR Virtual Access to journalists and guests who do not have a VR headset.

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