March 29, 2023


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Cannabis Mogul Karisha Devino L.A. Mention list – variety

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Although it’s been just over a year since he bought the property for কার 9 million, Chicago-based cannabis entrepreneur Carissa Davino is already ready to explore a new green frontier, returning her epic Hollywood Hills stage for sale with a ্যাগ 11.5 million pre-tag.

Built in 2018 by an estimated local development group, the ultra-contemporary structure is awesome in glass and marble, with about 6,500 square feet of six bedrooms, 6.5 baths and all the luxury amenities within this price range. The home’s lights, audio and security cameras allow for remote monitoring, from its jet-setting to the touch of the homeowner’s smart phone.

Davino seems to have moved into the property last year and saw fit to further customize the space to suit his needs. The current listed images show that his Lamborghini Urus SUV is standing on the driveway and the interior of the house has been given a subtle but noticeable change – like a more expensive massage – really – according to the list of “the most sought after designers in the world.” Living areas with custom lighting include new paint, new wallpaper, new Venetian plaster, specially designed closets and new book shelves. And there’s new furniture all over the house, all of those name-brand pieces together cost more than the average new home in San Bernardino County.

Some of the features that haven’t changed are the property’s sophisticated security system, European-inspired kitchens with designer milestones, European hardwood floors, a hedonistic upstairs master suite furnished in its own private living room and dual baths on bright heated floors. On an acre of land, her sexy, negative-edged swimming pool is spread across the backyard, which is high-hedged for celebrity-style privacy.

But the best and most unique feature of the house is the indiscriminate 1,000-square-foot roof terrace, where guests can enjoy city lights and L.A. There is also a bar, a jacuzzi and lounge area so there is plenty of space for communal steam.

After the 2016 2016 recreational cannabis legalization in California, Devino, who is now in L.A. Divided into Chicago, he was one of the first cannabis entrepreneurs. He is a dual-chamber evaporator, devices that give marijuana concoctions the ability to vaporize two cartridges at once; His company, Double Barrel LLC, of ​​which he is the owner and CEO, owns a patented steam that costs a hefty $ 90 per unit. However the device has proven to be extremely popular across the country, probably thanks to the approval of celebrities. In 2018, DD alone reportedly ordered 50 double barrels for his coach crew.

In addition to double barrel profits, Devinio Abjatato is the CEO and owner of Technology, an L-based corporation that manufactures products such as e-cigarettes and the recently popular Vip Pen, which are distributed and resold to other high-profile cannabis brands, such as Dossier.

In his spare time, Devino’s financial success has led him to become a benevolent and enthusiastic animal lawyer who enjoys giving back to his community. She is credited with supporting a number of animal charities across the country, including her favorite: Time Dog Rescue at Chicago-based One Tail, where she regularly donates checks, toys and branded products.

Michael Lamontagna of Hilton & Holland holds the list.

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