October 25, 2021


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Cartoon Forum Tribute Award: Ketnet-VRT, Miam! TAT Productions

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TAT Production and Production-Distribution Clothing Miam! Both French animation and Belgian broadcaster Catnet-VRT won the Tribute Award at this year’s Personal Cartoon Forum, Europe’s premier animated TV series forum that closed in Toulouse today.

One of the top studios in the rich animation region of Okinawa, including Toulouse, the TAT Productions Producer of the Year award. The company was founded in 2000 by David Alaux, Eric Toasty and Jean-Francois Toasty. TAT snatched an international Emmy Award in 2015 for the TV show “The Jungle Bunch to the Rescue”.

It’s behind the “Terra Willie” and “The Adventures of Peel” features, and now Kinology-selling “Argonauts” is making a 12 million North Adventure comedy adventure and directed by David Alex, who directed TAT’s first feature, “The Jungle.” , ”Is one of the highest-grossing French productions outside France in 2011. TAT is creating two more features: “The Jungle Bunch 2” and “Pets on a Train”.

Miam a production-distribution company! Animation Distributor / Investor of the Year Award. Founded in 2016 by Hannah Mouchez, Miam! Concentrates on animated and hybrid programs. Paris-based Miami! Opened a studio in 2019

The company is currently producing with the French television series “Edmund and Friends”, an adaptation of Mark Butavant’s illustrated series of books of the same title, scheduled for release in August 2022.

Miam! In addition to Canal Plus, “The Teenagers” series is also being developed. Miam!

Recognized as the Broadcaster of the Year, Catnet is Belgium’s publisher of children’s brands in the Flemish-speaking area of ​​the country. The channel focuses on kids up to 12 years old, while Catnet Jr. is a sub-brand that targets kids up to six years old. Catnet productions include “Bobby the Bear,” “Create,” “How to Do Staff Good,” and “Tick Shelves,” produced by Catnet-VRT and licensed by Sirius Lunch in the UK.

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