March 29, 2023


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Catherine Hepburn, Howard Hughes’ Ex 90210 Estate Seeks 39 Million – Various

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While the long-term residence of late soap opera icon Lee Philip Bell may not be entirely surprising, the surprise came to the attention-grabbing sale. Original value of 39 million. With well-protected grounds, multi-structure estates are spread over 2.5-acre hillside in the Benedictine Canyon area just below the main Los Angeles area, overlapping the surrounding neighborhoods, and the Century City and downtown L.A. Visits the skylines.

Originally built in 1934, the property was owned by 1940 Academy Award-nominated actor Charles Bayer, who starred in several black-and-white classics, including “Gaslight,” “Algiers,” and was one of Hollywood’s top men of the time by “Victory,” and “Love.” Write names as names but a few.

In the late ’40s, Bayer tried to end his contract with RKO Picture, one of the big five studios in Hollywood’s golden age. As part of discussions on the unusual settlement, the studio agreed to buy its sprawling estate in the neighborhood of the so-called Beverly Hills Post Office. At the time, RK was also solely owned by business magnate Howard Hughes, so Hughes became the new owner of the home, although his name was not disclosed in the property records.

So the gossip goes away in the middle, Hughes left the high-maintenance property empty for a few years, until his former flame and longtime traitor Catherine Hepburn softened around the L.A. to rent a suitable home. Hughes encouraged her to lease the former Boyer compound, which she happily settled on the property in 1951 – just as she was filming the iconic “African Queen,” her fifth Best Actress Oscar nomination.

In the decades that followed, the house passed to lesser-known owners. In 1986, it sold for ৯ 2.9 million to Snake Opera creator William J. Bell and his business partner, wife Lee, who built the decade-long television empire with “Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Wristless.” “Bell stayed home until his death in 2005; his wife stayed there until his death earlier this year.

The spacious property consists of a fairly original home, two detached guesthouses and a pool house, with a full-size tennis court with platforms. Protected by huge gates, the brick driveway is lined with rows of Italian cypresses on either side, they will also impress with stickers like Hercules Pirot. Hardwoods ring the property and the whole place is landscaped with formal gardens and stone fountains.

Inside the main house with the red-tiled roof is no less than seven fireplaces listed, including a cozy screening room. High ceilings and glass walls make the place a welcome airy one, while the L.A. Found in most parts of the basin and the Pacific Ocean.

The backyard of the Alfresco has plenty of room for ample stone patio for recreation and is almost entirely oval swimming pool steps decorated with old timing diving boards and staples. Outside there is a cabana with two baths and convenient changing facilities.

Surprising real estate observers will recall that Bell’s name did not appear for the first time in recent months – in April, his vacation home in the exclusive Malibu Colony came on the market asking for 21.5 million. The property, one of the few seafront homes in the community with its own private swimming pool, is available with unchanged price tag.

Jeff Highland and Rick Hilton of Hilton & Highland hold this list.

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