February 5, 2023


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Celine Dion fans protest outside Rolling Stone’s offices after the snub

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A group of passionate Celine Dion fans gathered outside Rolling Stone’s offices to protest her exclusion from the magazine’s viral list of the 200 Greatest Singers of All Time. Part of a fan club called The Redheads on Facebook, about 15 dedicated Celine soldiers on the road from Montreal to New York City in six hours. “Rolling Stone you’ve hit an iceberg,” read one of several signs at the intersection.

Blasting “That’s the Way” from a portable speaker, the group was furious at the diva’s exclusion. Chanting “Justice for Celine,” they lined up to tell editors that their hearts would not go after the decision.

The Rolling Stone list, released Jan. 1, created a frenzy online for its controversial choices, particularly the exclusion of the French Canadian pop singer.

“The list is completely illegal,” said Line Busbaus, founder of The Redheads, who helped organize the protest. “We wanted to support him and make sure Rolling Stone heard the fans’ voices. The list is ridiculous. No Madonna, no Celine. They are clearly focused on American singers and we don’t understand.”

Another Celine super-fan, Charles Lemay, 31, said the group, based mainly in Canada, started organizing protests two days ago as soon as the article was published. “In Quebec, it’s nonsense that he’s not on the list. He has been in all our lives since the beginning.”

A couple from France took to the streets to protest and join in the chants for fun. They overheard the group speaking in French and decided to pick up a sign. “I really don’t know why we’re here,” said one.

Meanwhile, across the street from the New York Public Library, there was a larger political protest condemning the January 6 uprising.

Rolling Stone would not comment on the protest.

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