March 20, 2023


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Chantelle Jefferies and Dordash Virtual Dinner Party – puts variety

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Today (Thursday, May 14), Dordash and Chantelle Jefferies will host a celebrity-driven, virtual dinner party that will see the company pay the equivalent of one meal in cash for Feeding America for a maximum of 250,000 food donations for each meal will #comebacktomexdd viewer.

Inspired by Jefferies’ new single “Come Back to Me”, the party features celebrity guests Britney Spears, Liam Payne, Jordan Clarkson, Addison Roy, Nicole Scherzinger, Travis Mills, Fatherkels, Olivia O’Brien, Fletcher and Jamie. Lynn Spears, Shaylen, Jay Shane, Alyssa Violet, Gigi Gorgeous and Nuts Getty, Dinah Jane, Paris Hilton, Anastasia Cornicolau and Lolo Zouy.

The party will be promoted on YouTube / Incombatcom

Dordash Feeding will provide food donations to needy families through their partnership with America, which has added 3 million feeds via live stream in the past few weeks based on the number of viewers. The company has partnered with Chile to open an exclusive menu for dinner, which can be ordered through the app through Sunday, May 17 to recreate the dinner party experience in visitors ’homes.

This partnership is the first time Dordash has partnered with an artist and used its platform to integrate music and food, while at the same time giving artists a new channel to connect and benefit their community.

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