September 21, 2021


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Check out the themes behind the cast, the director of ‘The Mauritanian’

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Based on the true story of the torture and trial of a suspected 9/11 terrorist, the actor and director of “The Mauritanian” wants audiences to learn the lessons of empathy, love and justice from the film.

Starring Jodie Foster, Benedict Cumberbatch, Shailene Woodley and Taher Rahim, along with Academy Award-winning director Kevin MacDonald Different Clayton Davis, the film’s award-winning editor, was involved in a variety of streaming rooms with Muhammad (Rahim) ‘s uninterrupted involvement with al-Qaeda and later discussed the difficulties and preparations required to narrate the numerous stories of a man tortured at Guantanamo Bay without trial. 9/11 involved.

For McDonald’s, one of the film’s challenges was to weave a different story of a gift cast – Mohammedou, his defense (Woodley and Foster), and the military prosecutor (Cumberbatch) into one.

McDonald said, “How do you take these unique stories and weave them together in a way that emphasizes … and where you don’t think it’s three completely isolated stories,” McDonald said.

They reflect the complexity of portraying real people, they research the case and move forward by meeting their own characters. “With Nancy, you feel this responsibility to make sure she is not just him, but that she respects his mission,” said Mohameddur’s defense attorney, his character Nancy Hollander, who emphasized the importance of the rule of law throughout the picture.

The panelists say that one of the main drivers of the film is the intellectual themes behind the story, such as the universality of humanity, the need to protect civil liberties, and the irresistible power of fear and prejudice.

“It’s easy to see each other from a very emotional point of view when we look at fear, but I think, for that [Teri,] He had a deep emotional fear, a fear of isolation, a fear of feeling neglected, a fear of being kicked out of society alike, because what he wanted to do was right, but then it came to his head that he was making the right decision? Woodley spoke of his character, Terry Duncan, who is the defender behind the lawsuit. “What does right and wrong mean?”

Cumberbatch, who plays Lt. Stuart Couch, said he was drawn to the role because of his character’s journey to uncover institutional issues plagued by the U.S. military, especially at Guantanamo.

“From asking for blood and then there is a realization that everything from the law to the army to the Christian faith he relied on is being undone by Guantanamo’s actions, and he could not, with any conviction, square his awareness and so on. He stepped aside, he did this extraordinary job of dropping the case, ”Cumberbatch said.

Rahim, who played the title role, said his main obstacle to portraying the victim was entering the mental space. To help with the reality of the scene, he told McDonald to cool and shackle his cell as much as possible. “It was tough. Because how can I possibly know what torture is like? “

For McDonald’s, the image acts as a lens through which listeners can understand multiple aspects of humanity beyond guilt or innocence.

“The Muslim man accused of terrorism is probably the least loved and least understood person in the world and I think… that’s that sensitive connection,” McDonald said. “It’s a film about humanity and why are we doing it with other people? What excuses can there be? And it is beyond his innocence or guilt.

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