March 25, 2023


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China’s 2020 films include two from Zhang Yimo – Variety

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Passengers of Chinese films can expect to see two headlines involving Dan Lam’s “The Rescue”, Jackie Chan’s film “Vanguard” and this year Helmer Zhang Yimu, a top Chinese distribution executive said. He also confirmed the release of National Day for two promotional days – the first concrete information on the upcoming theater for a new title in a few months.

Chinese movies shut down in late January to spread the novel’s coronavirus. The blockbusters, hoping to see a record box office return on the Lunar New Year holiday, were dragged out at eleven hours and were not given a new release date.

But new data from Fu Roqing, chairman of state-owned major distributor Huaxia, says listeners will be able to catch a glimpse of Dante’s epic actor about the Chinese coast guard and Stanley Tong’s “Vanguard” as well as the late Chinese New Year’s film “The Rescue” in 2020. “.

“Of course some big-sized movies will be released during the summer and the National Day release window will show the same festivities as last year,” he said in a video interview with the state broadcaster.

Although China’s top governing body has recently given the green light to reopen cinemas, insiders are now speculating that theaters will not start operations in early June. No specific release date has been released yet.

Helmer, best known for “Dispersal” and “Red Sorghum,” will also be producing a new promotional film outside of Zhang, directed by the studio Beijing Culture, which will debut on October 1, China’s National Day holiday. Fu said.

The Chinese title of the film roughly translates to “me and my city in town”, modeled on “my people, my country” in last year’s National Day campaign. Authorities could lengthen the title to theaters that it became China’s eighth-highest-grossing all-time highest-grossing film at the box office, grossing 44 446 million.

Zhang Eibai (“Fleet of Time”) has been listed as the executive director of the new film’s “Executive Planner” and Ning Hao (“Crazy Alien,” “Breakup Friends”). Both include managed shorts as well as “My People, My Country”.

“Me and My Hometown” consists of five shorts that will be run by China’s most bankable directors, namely Ling, Xu Zheng (“Lost in Russia”) and Chen Siseng (“Detective Chinatown 3”), and at the box office. Directed by Ian Fei and Peng Damo, they will team up as “Hello Mr. Billionaire,” one by one, and Deng Chao (“Shadow”) and Yu Baimei, who co-starred with Ro-Com as “The Breakup Guru.” He was locked.

The shooting has started this month. The Chinese report noted that Chen arrived in the southwestern province of Guizhou on Monday with his film crew with actor Dong Jixian (“Mountain May Exit”), and “Detective Chinatown 3” A-listers Liu Haoran and Wang Baokiang.

“This film is a relaxed, enjoyable, sensitive comedy,” Fu insisted, adding that its release would not be delayed by the coronavirus. He said another film, whose name almost translates as “almost home”, is also set to debut on National Day.

There was no indication as to when listeners might be able to get a glimpse of Zhang’s Cultural Revolution-set odds in a movie that censors were abruptly pulled from the Berlin International Film Festival in 2019.

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