October 26, 2021


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China’s ‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’ premiere has started with strong expectations

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A battalion of producers and stars worked on the red carpet on the opening night of Beijing International. The film festival is set for the world premiere of their huge Chinese war film “The Battle of Changjin Lake” on Tuesday, which is expected to be ranked among China’s highest-grossing films of the year.

The nearly three-hour-long historical historical epic pierces the blood, sweat and tears of the real-life People’s Volunteer Army as they fight all adversity to defeat the U.S. Army at Tytler Lake during the Korean War. The conflict (1950-1953) in China was officially known as the “War on Preventing US Invasion and the War on Helping Korea.”

Yu Dong, producer and president of Bona Film Group, said before the screening that the movie was “carefully crafted into a masterpiece that could be incorporated into the history of Chinese cinema,” involving five years of script development, 200 days of shooting and about 7,000 crew members and 70,000 extras.

“The battle at Changjin Lake is not just one [index of how] The industrialization of Chinese films has been pushed to a new height, but how can we peacefully invest in large-scale production and the equivalent of an A-list Hollywood movie, ”he said. “This is thanks to the courage of Chinese filmmakers, and moreover, huge confidence in the Chinese film market.”

He stressed that the bloody scene of the killing of Americans is a “movie that celebrates life – a story about how young fighters are willing to take all the risks to protect our home and our country.”

The title is co-directed by heavyweights Chen Kaige, Dante Lam and Sui Hark, and stars Wu Jing (“Wolf Warrior 2”) and Jackson Yeh (“Better Days”).

It sold 4 4 million in pre-sale tickets as of Tuesday evening (RMB26 million), and will hit theaters nationwide on September 30 for the important week-long National Day holiday starting October 1st. Beacon, Alibaba’s big data marketing platform, initially predicted that the image could earn more than $ 464 million (RMB3 billion), and other optimistic estimates have risen even higher.

When Beijing is international. The Film Festival যা which runs privately from September 21-29 this year প্রদান provides a bright backdrop for films featuring many of China’s most recognized and bankable talents, their comments in the media were far from the Oscars or auditions the Emmy event red carpet.

The fifth-generation director Chen, best known abroad for his 1993 Palme d’Or-winning play “Farewell My Concubine”, is the first Chinese film to win that award. For “War”, however, he is taking on a much more patriotic tune.

“The victory of this war is very significant: we, China, with its poor and weak national power, had to face the world’s most powerful military, but as Chairman Mao said, ‘the Chinese people are now organized and nothing can be done with them. He quoted a line from Mao Zedong, often quoted by President Xi Jinping as he discussed the 70th anniversary of the Korean War.

He continued: “In this war, we have made many sacrifices, but in the end we have won victories and honors … The film shows us that without the power of this soul, there was no way to deal with such an enemy.”

Dante Lam said he had a deep respect for the soldiers during the production process and hoped that “everyone could remember their sacrifices” while viewing the final product.

Director Sui Hark also quoted Mao. After extensively researching the history of the Korean War, he found himself most inspired by the controversial leader’s eight-letter sentence: “Hit a punch to avoid a hundred punches.”

He explained: “The quote really touched me. I then decided that my job would be to make everyone understand the truth of the quote. The whole point of the film seemed to be – that consciousness I don’t want to fight, but still, I must fight.

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