September 23, 2021


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Chinese box office: Free Guy tops third weekend

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“Free Guy” holds its lead at the Chinese box office for the third weekend in a row and has now surpassed “Tenet” in local sales.

According to Mayan statistics, it brought in বির 12.4 million on a rare weekend, including three non-Chinese language titles in the top five.

The Chinese box office was disappointing throughout the summer and the recession continued this week, again, with only five films making more than 1 million. Nonetheless, authorities have chosen to keep Hollywood’s top money-earners away from “Shang-chi” and leave big blockbusters like “Dun” and “No Time to Die” helpless without a release date.

“Free Guy” is a rare summer film that is only released in theaters across the States, where it has just surpassed $ 100 million. According to Mayan, its grain in China is now up to 5 5.5 million. Chinese sales for “Free Guy” generated $ 1.7 million in box office receipts for IMAX, bringing the country’s film IMAX to a total of $ 10.7 million – a significant portion of its current global IMAX total of $ 19.7 million.

Its current China pushed back the “incarnation” of the Cum Shaun Levy-directed film re-released in March, which grossed $ 57.6 million in March. It is the third highest-grossing Hollywood film in China so far, and already grossed more than “Tenet” last September ($ 66.6 million, albeit at a time when moviegoers were more cautious about returning to the cinema).

“Free Guy” stars Ryan Reynolds, a well-known figure in China, where his films have grossed a combined $ 195 million, according to Mayan. “Deadpool 2”, where he starred, grossed .4 42.4 million in the country, although Explosive-Leyden’s first film was never made in Chinese theaters.

In second place in China this week was Taiwan’s youth romance “Stand by Me”, which grossed $ 6.12 million since opening on Thursday. While it has a relatively disappointing audience rating, it is a long string of romance films from this year’s school campus that have had the opportunity to achieve significant box office numbers due to the lack of a great competition.

Meanwhile, the light of director Benny Chan’s “Raging Fire” has not yet gone out. According to Mayan, it came in third this week with 5.77 million, with the current amount reaching 7 187 million. This made it the seventh highest-grossing film of the year in China, with a touch behind “Godzilla vs. Kong”, surpassing Zhang Yimu’s “Cliff Walkers”.

“Tomorrow’s War” came in fourth this week with a further $ 3.51 million, reaching .6 14.6 million. Meanwhile, the Japanese children’s animation “Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle” has opened for .. 3.44 million.

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