September 22, 2021


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Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Extraction’ Sequel Ditching Australia Shoot

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“2,” a planned sequel to one of Netflix’s most successful original films, will now be shooting in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The Chris Hemsworth-starrer was fitted with a lens in Australia.

The crew, who have already begun preparations in New South Wales, Australia, were informed on Friday by Netflix and Russo Brothers’ AGBO production company, sources said. Diversity. Sources close to Netflix say the decision to move was motivated by COVID and shutdown concerns.

The sequel was written by Joe Russo and produced by Joe and Anthony Russo.

Other sources put the move in a broader context, explaining that Hemsworth’s strict schedule and the growing uncertainty associated with shooting in Australia make the transfer a safe choice. Hemsworth will return to Australia in November or December to begin pre-production of the Mad Max franchise movie “Furiosa”.

For almost a year, starting in mid-2020, Australia has been the busiest destination in the world for film and TV series. It has achieved this feat through a strong coronavirus response and generous production incentives.

Australia’s attractiveness has declined in recent months due to lower vaccination rates, the advent of the more contagious Covid-1 del Delta variant and the spread of local logistical complexities.

Currently there are lockdowns in urban areas of Sydney, New South Wales (until Sep0 September) and Melbourne, Victoria’s top screen manufacturing centers. The surrounding suburbs and rural areas have not always moved at the same pace. However, border restrictions, lists of authorized personnel and changes to local rules are becoming very difficult for big film crews.

Shooting of films and series in Australia can be certified as a necessary activity, allowing small productions to move forward while working under strict health protocols. But even these are not stupid. Russell Crowe-directed “Poker Face” closed on Tuesday after a confirmed Covid-1 case among its crew.

Earlier this month, WarnerMedia’s HBO film “Days of Abundance” was canceled in Sydney when its star, Natalie Portman, was already shooting Marvel’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” in Australia for unclear personal reasons.

In June, Netflix was granted bail in another Australian production when it halved “God’s Favorite Idiot” starring Melissa McCarthy. Eight of the 16 episodes planned were in Cannes. Netflix understood that the total was being considered for completion at a later date.

The production of the first “Extraction” movie, the story of a mercenary soldier who goes on a mission to Bangladesh, was originally supposed to shoot in Australia and India for Australia. But after the Indian shooting was not effective, most of the production was shifted to Thailand instead.

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