October 20, 2021


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Clara Rocket’s ‘Libertad’ wins competition at Antalya Film Festival

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Catalan director Clara Rocket’s teenage girl drama “Libertad” with frightened Kurdish children living in a Turkish boarding school and Ferrit Karahan’s social drama “Brothers Keeper” won the best film award in the international and national competitions at the 58th Antalya Golden Orange Film in Turkey respectively. The festival ended on Saturday.

“Libertad”, the first feature centered on a bond between two young women from the opposite side of the track in the summer on the Costa Brava in Spain, is a recent ear critics’ weekly standout that is creating a festive round. Peak will soon be coming to the Rome Film Festival from Antalya.

“Brothers Keeper” is based on Helmar Karahan’s own experience and follows two friends Yusuf and Memo at a secluded boarding school for Kurdish boys in the mountains of eastern Anatolia. When Memo mysteriously falls ill, Yusuf is forced to struggle through the bureaucratic barriers of the school’s repressive authorities to try to help his friend.

The Turkish premiere of “Keeper” in Antalya was launched earlier this year from the Panorama Strand in Berlin, where it won the department’s Fipresi award. In addition to making the best films, it won awards for best screenplay and editing in Antalya.

The other standout title of the Turkish competition was “Ker”, the latest drama by the lowest filmmaker Typhoon Pierselimoglu where a man named Kan fell into a hellish cycle after witnessing the murder in a small town where he came to attend his father’s funeral.

“Ker” won the category award for best director and his music, as well as approval from the Turkish Film Directors Association.

Costa Rican director Paz Fabrega at the international competition Won the Best Director award for “Aurora”, his drama about a female partner in the wake of an unwanted pregnancy launched from Rotterdam. Claudia Grubb of Switzerland won Best Actress for her role in “The Fame”, a teenage girls’ residential care home in Geneva. And the Best Actor award went to Petri Poikolinen of Finland for his role as a blind protagonist in a wheelchair. Timu Nikir “The blind man who didn’t want to see the Titanic.”

Incidentally, that Turkey’s oldest film festival and the country’s major local cinema catalyst, Co-principal of the chief Ahmet Boyacıoğlu and artistic director Başak Emre and Organized by the Municipality of Antalya with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey.


International Feature Film Competition

Best Film: “Libertad”, Dir. Clara Rocket

Best Director: Paz Fabregas (“Aurora”)

Best Actress: Claudia Grubb (“The Fame”)

Best Actor: Petri Poikolinen (“Blind Man Who Didn’t Want To See Titanic”)

National Feature Film Competition

Best Movie: “Brother Keeper”, Dir. Ferrit Karahan

Dr. Av Abani Tolunoy Special Jury Prize: “Between Two Dawn” Selman Nakar

Behalal Dal Best First Film Award: “Anatolian Leopard,” Emre Kayesh

Best Director: Typhoon Pircelimoglu (“Ker”)

Cahide Sonku Award: Ezgi Baltas, Feride Cicecoglu

Best Screenplay: Ferrit Carhanum Gulistan Asset (“Brothers Keeper”)

Best Actress: Nihal Yalan (“Juhal”)

Best Actor: Tarhan Carage (“Cage”)

Best Cinematography: Ozgar Aiken (“Commitment Hasan”)

Best Music: Nikos Kyrgos (“Ker”)

Best Editing: Serkan Sagegin, Ferit Karahan, Haydeh Safiari (“Brothers Keeper”)

Best Art Director: Bilur Turan (“Anatolian Cheetah”)

Best Supporting Actress: Nezaket Erden (“Between Two Dons”), Ö Jay Heck (“Cage”)

Best Supporting Actor: Erdem Shenokak (“Between Two Dreams”)

Turkish Film Critics Association Best Film Award: “Pure White,” by Nesip Çağhan Özdemir

Film Directors Association Best Director Award: Typhoon Pircelimoglu, (“Ker”)

National Documentary Film Competition

Best Movie: “All-in”, Dir. Volcanic Ice Special

Jury Award: “Sand is a grain of expectation,” dir. Original Akad 6

National Short Film Competition

Best Movie: “I’ll Leave You Alone,” Dir. Elif Ref: Special

Jury Award: “Second Night,” Ali Tansu Turhan

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