September 23, 2021


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Comic Republic, Africa’s biggest superhero suffrage, signs with CAA

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Comic Republic, Africa’s largest superhero franchise, has signed on to represent the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Through the new partnership, CAA will work to identify and create opportunities for comic republics in film and television (both live-action and animation), as well as in publishing, games, speaking, and consumer products.

Comic Republic is currently working with geniuses and creatives to develop multiple titles, including “Ireti,” “Amadioha,” “Visionary,” “Trial of the Spear,” and “Iru.”

Comic Republic founder Zid Martin said in a statement, “I am thrilled to announce our representation by the CAA. “We’ve invested some time in finding the right strategic agency that understands our vision, can represent us and deliver our stories where important.

Martin continued: “Our goal has always been to develop African content for a global audience, and I’m glad to see this presentation so that more people can experience the unique universe of our true African story.”

Founded nearly a decade ago, Comic Republic is Africa’s largest superhero online multimedia franchise and the top authentic voice in African character-based media and entertainment. The comic republic universe, consisting of more than 200 characters, contains African history and mythology, as well as a vision of the future of Africa, informed by a strong contemporary sensibility.

Their list of superheroes includes Amadioha, Ireti Moremi (both pictured below) and Comic Republic main character Guardianprime.

Born the son of a Nigerian general, Tund Jaiye became a hero known as GuardianPrime. Company character As described in the Bible, the superhero is known as the last “guardian” of a long line of guardians of the earth and he alone was born to “dominate the fifth element of creation, earth, air, fire and water,” with speed and power over each element.

Amadioha was blessed with the physiology of the first race, and practiced both plasma and energy production and manipulation, while Moremi was a “loa”, a powerful, resilient and ogun (god of iron and war) divine gift – an energy bow, an indestructible sword and a bow. Which acts as the gateway to the pocket dimension.

More information about the cast of Superheroes and Villains in Comic Republic can be found at

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