April 2, 2023


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Composer Isham composes ‘Bill and Ted face the music’ Score from home – Variety

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The Cannes Film Festival may close this year, but its March-Do film is virtually up and running. Monday’s sessions included a “Meet and Listen” conversation with award-winning composer Mark Isham, who revealed that he remotely directed music on “Bill and Ted the Music” due to the coronavirus epidemic.

I’m talking Diversity‘John ​​Burlingam, Isham explained:‘ I am lucky that the movies are working on wrapped main photography and ‘Bill and Ted’ was done remotely using an orchestra in Budapest. It all came together in a mixed studio. “Putting all resources aside, Is Sham said he enjoys direct experience from not just his work – anything.” It’s a big loss, the lack of live music, “he added.” It’s a shock to everyone, musicians and culture. “

Isham has worked with scores for “Flan,” “Blade,” “Crash,” “The Black Dahlia,” and most recently, “Small Fire Everywhere.” There are no strangers on Episodic TV – he ran all seven seasons of “One Opens a Time” – he mentioned how scoring for the small screen compares to a movie. Isham said, “It’s different because of the time structure.” You can get eight episodes and go to it cinematically. You can thread one episode from eight episodes. And it won’t come back. It’s fun to come up with new solutions and leave that spirit and interactivity in the world. “

See the full conversation below

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