March 20, 2023


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Composer Pinar’s title for writing CW’s ‘Stargirl’ score – Variety

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A year ago, Pinar Toprak made history by becoming the first female composer to make a movie worth more than $ 150 million at the box office. “Captain Marvel” has finally received more than 42 425 million domestically.

This week, Top Woman returns with another superhero music: “Stargirl”, a Central American high school student, topped in the role of Courtney Whitmore, determined to follow in the footsteps of her late father Starman (originally a 1940s comic book hero). It debuted at DC Universe on May 18 and migrated to the CW Broadcast Network the next day.

“From Captain Marvel to Krypton.” [another comic book series Toprak scored], I knew Pinar’s work very well, ”said co-producer and producer Jeff Johns Diversity. “The creative connection was instantaneous. Pinar is as interested in music as he is in superheroes. She just didn’t understand the original melody of ‘Stargirl’; He has added a whole new level of character and continuity. ”

Johns told Toprak that he wanted something “classical, iconic, and emerging and real.” Stargirl referred to the source of cosmic energy as something that reflected the brilliant enthusiasm driven by Courtney and staff.

He also featured large orchestras featuring such national 80’s films as “Back to the Future” and “E.T. Extra Terrestrial.” Often heard, using the electronically created “present orchestra”.

“I felt the integrity of the score and what we were trying to do was important,” Toprak said. “It’s a very cinematic show.” They recorded the first 12 episodes with 34 musicians and the end of about 60 (they finished scoring in December, long before the COVID-19 crisis).

When he gave “Captain Marvel”, Toprak wrote a heroic theme for “Stargirl”, much of the history of the comic book John Williams published in “Superman” in 19 Sup৮. He then added a complete library of themes and listening for the various characters in the series: a “very sincere and intimate” piece for Courtney and her honest father Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson); A driving action theme for the American Justice League; A “suburban, American Buddhist” for the small town Blue Valley; And colorful motifs for surveillance like Brainwave and Icycle.

Toprak and Johns met on Instagram in surprise. They immediately connected for personal harm: Johns’ sister Courtney died in a plane crash in 1996 and became the inspiration for the character; Toprak’s close friend, Courtney, died of cancer just a few years ago. “Only the name Courtney has a special meaning to me,” he added quietly.

“In the beginning, we discussed the tone and the purpose,” Johns said, “who was Courtney Whitmore / Stargirl, the show’s feeling, nostalgic and anticipated qualities.” Pinar started working on the theme and music, which was amazing outside the gate. From there, we’ll talk and he’ll create. ‘

Johns has picked up a lot of fun songs throughout the series. “It takes place in a high school and there are some things that well-chosen songs can sometimes express more effectively than scores,” Torprak said. However, Johns added, “Pinar puts the heart for me in the whole show.”

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