January 31, 2023


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Concerns and on Twitter John Legend, Chrissy Tegan, Kazi David

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When Kazi David went down to promote his new book, “No One Asked About It: Essays,” she found her friend worse off wearing it – until she realized the model and was not the social media giant herself, instead of husband John Legend. Was. A wig and silk dress.

The legend played his wife for Wednesday’s Virtual Book Soup event, in the typical Tygan style of David (and moderator Owen Thiel) (about Twitter, for example: “John replied:” John doesn’t give me censorship). I am the mayor of Twitter ”).

The real Tigen was quick to point out and made it clear to the audience, “We have to explain to them what happened here. I like Kazi a lot and I wanted to do it very badly, but I have a mental illness and I couldn’t do it today. John has taken action on my behalf, ”he said.

Here are five things we learned from the hour-long conversation between David, Legend, Thiel and Tigin.

How John Legend and Chrissy Tegan fell in love

The legend elaborated on how the couple fell in love, which Tegan drew his attention to through the text. “He made me laugh all the time while writing. We talked on the phone occasionally, but our banner behind the text just made me think, ‘Oh she’s so cute and funny.’ Twitter came out a few years later and he clearly translated these skills into Twitter, ”he said.

Tigen jumped up and said he remembered the legend saying that he laughed a lot when they first met.

“No, I said later that it seemed like he would laugh when he got scared of the new guy.”

How to deal with anxiety

“Lexapro,” Tigin shouted from the off-camera. “25 to 25 mg lexapro at night” “

David also spoke of his experience with the drug, saying he has taken Xanax every day for the past two weeks to deal with anxiety.

“Use it when you need it. There is nothing to be ashamed of, ”said the legend about mental health medicine.

How to grow up in Hollywood

Tegan joked that David, who is Larry David’s daughter, had the opportunity to be “somewhat Hollywood beach.”

“This is going to be my new Instagram bio,” David responded.

“Your words! You’re not fighting it, it’s not you, it’s just him, “Tigan replied.

The most annoying part about social media

“Snitch tagging,” Tigen said. “But you don’t tag it when you’re talking about someone. For example, someone will say, ‘Chrissy Tegan is ugly.’ Then, someone will respond by saying, ‘That chrysanthemum is not ugly.’ ‘I want to,’ add me to this conversation. Don’t do it.

“The snitch tag is associated with him because it slam him. The only way he could see it was if he searched for the spelling of his name.

Navigating social media

David stays away from Twitter. “We both have a fear that people won’t like us,” he told Tigan.

“My biggest fear is being discarded,” Tegan said, explaining contrary to popular belief, he has returned a lot online.

David: “If your biggest fear is dispelled, you will probably always be afraid. You just live in fear. ”

Tigin: “I’m on the regular end. Is that right? “

Thiel: “But you have to say your opinion openly.”

Tegan: “Not the way I want it to be”

Rumor has it: “He is definitely behind. Think about what he’s thinking. “

Posting thirsty traps

According to Tigen, there is nothing wrong with the thirsty trap post. “I think it’s crazy that people just can’t say,‘ Hey I think I see hot here ’’ Instead, it has to be some long ass story, ’he said.

“Don’t give deep captions to your thirst trap,” the legend added. “Just a trap of thirst. Honestly the trap of thirst. ”

David added, “You couldn’t say anything.”

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