March 29, 2023


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Condo for sale at the iconic Silver Lake Complex – Variety

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It is the ideal small modernist residence; It has simple, clean lines, lots of light and good indoor / outdoor flow which lends itself to the standard of amplitude.

Built by renowned modernist architect Gregory Law in 1949 as part of the ten-unit Avenell Homes Complex in the LA Fashionable Silver Lake area, the 1,114-square-foot condo has a flexible open floor plan and sliding walls that allow the space to be used with one, two or three bedrooms. The bathroom has been updated to taste, and the kitchen has been beautifully renovated to include state of the art applications and baseless plywood cabinets. The kitchen blends somehow into the great room above the integrated dining table, which opens onto a terrace with spectacular views of the Silver Lake Mountains and the Griffith Park Observatory. (None of the bedrooms have direct access to the space with separate closed fingers.) Like all its buildings, the Avenal Condor has a discreet, moderate glamor that is unique to the law.

Listed in the National Registry of Reg Historical Places since 2005, Avenal Homes Complex Law addresses key issues in its work. Ester McCoy “” an idealist who has given his best for ten years to fight against outmade real estate practices, “said Law, who called for modernization of the law.

Born in 1908, Ain grew up in Lincoln Heights, and for an early age his family lived in Llano del Rio, the legendary socialist black man of the Antelope Valley. Inspired by the modernist legend Rudolf Schindler to become an architect after seeing a building, Law worked for trailblazing architect Richard Neutra from 1930 to 1935, and he was chief engineer of Charles and Ray Yams during World War II.

The law was unusual in that it had no interest in making large architectural statements; He was interested in what he described as the “common architectural problem of the common man” and was an early pioneer of tract housing in the 1930s and 1940s.

His career began to decline in the early fifties when he was blacklisted during the Red Square; Like many in Hollywood, Joe McCarthy did a very good job of squashing Crew’s law career. (It is interesting to note that four of the original tenants of the Avenell Complex were also blacklisted.) McCarthy’s House Un-American Activities Committee spent several years of his life in the John Entenzer investigation on modernity, the Case Study House program, and the final 35 years. Succeeded in building three houses. J. Edgar Hoover called the law “America’s Most Dangerous Architect,” the idea of ​​approving the ring to me.

The list of Dilbeck real estate is in the hands of Kimberly Burns Turner.

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