March 25, 2023


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Coronavirus ‘boost to online adoption has made iety more than just entertainment’

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Customers around Asia were locked out, their travel was limited and they were forced to spend more time with their families. Their digital costs have increased. However, the changed forms of online use have raised more categories than entertainment.

A new research note from ComScore, released on Thursday, presents data from six regions in the Asia-Pacific region. It only focuses on March, when the coronavirus was still a relatively new phenomenon and many government measures were introduced for the first time.

When border control and social distance systems were introduced in Hong Kong, customers registered an 8% increase in digital media and a 10% increase per minute on the site. Financial institutions in Asia were the financial center with a 40% increase over the minute compared to February, followed by financial personal finance readers .. and a 24% increase in online books and a 27% increase in computer software research.

In Singapore, compared to Hong Kong, there was a 10% increase in news use, especially in the local and business and finance sectors. Technical information was further sought. However, job search and training were two standouts, with job search recordings increasing by more than 600%. In comparison, the 12% increase in entertainment was slight.

In Malaysia, where the arrival of the coronavirus was slightly slower, news departments saw their use multiplied. Receiving general news is double. The pre-virus era threatens political news compared to November. The online earnings and education departments grew by 53% to 132%, and health information was sought 23% more than in February. Financial services sites recorded a 75% increase compared to February.

According to ComScore, the volume of general news coverage in Vietnam was increased. However, the level of education was 9% higher than in November and 5% higher than in February and there was food supply. Grocery searches are up 19% from February compared to November and investment and insurance are up 85% and 93%, respectively.

Indonesia, the most populous country in Southeast Asia and where the first confirmed coronavirus case 220, arrived in late 2020, has seen a 53% increase in unique visitors to health sites. Compared to February, educational sites generally increased by 26% and youth education by 246%. Travel and airline divisions have sunk as much as 40%.

In Australia, general news increased by 46% and financial news increased by 76% compared to February. And with the implementation of stricter federal policies, government data sites have increased by 25% compared to February. Travel, airline and hotel site visits erode between January and February. Travel site arrivals and total minutes in March 2020 decreased by 12% and 38%, respectively, compared to February.

The country reported stampeded on supermarkets in March, and ComScore said people were prepared to dig themselves in for a long period of lockdown at home. Retail, books (+ 16%) and computer software (+ 25%) enjoyed the amount of traffic. However, sites for event tickets have dropped by 57% compared to a month ago and luxury content by 75%.

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