October 16, 2021


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Creating Taj Taylor ‘Lemonade’: Hitmaker of the Month

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The jamming of the Internet’s “Lemonade” fall could be very good, with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” recently topping the Rolling Stone chart. Featuring an all-star crew of rappers including Don Tolliver, Guna and Nav, and including a remix titled Roddy Rich – “Lemonade” has counted 2,276 million streams on Spotify and sold 1.4 million downloads. It reached number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The collaboration brought together 11 – four lyricists, three artists, five producers – to produce “Lemonade” co-produced by Taj Taylor, DifferentThe November hitmaker of the month simply says: “It takes a village.”

So who is actually the internet money? Combining record labels and production / management concerns, the company jointly represents producers, artists, photographers, engineers, creative directors, A&R and managers. “There’s nothing we can’t do,” says its founder. “We have just got 50 people. I feel like a kindergarten teacher. I have a lot to deal with on a daily basis. ”

The first blade Taylor received was for “Fuck Profits” by XXXTentacion. Today, he lost count but estimates he has recorded more than 200 gold and platinum. In fact, Taylor has become one of the most successful creators of the Internet age, working on tracks such as “Redemption” by Lil Teka and “Lucid Dreams” by Juice WRLD, featuring the talent of the Internet era’s own Nick Mirar. “We take the time to be grateful for this moment,” said Mira, 20. “We obviously want to move the song forward but at the same time we are working on what we have to do next. People have to listen more than ‘Lemonade’. We can’t just keep ‘lemonade’.

Different He caught up with Taylor at his home in Los Angeles where he discussed his first beat, his love for Kanye West, and Trevor Daniel’s 2020 hit, “Read.”

What was life like when you sold your first bit for 250?

I’ve never made dollars from anything. No one thought I’d make money from music, even my mom said, “You’ll never make money” “I sit back and think 250 250, I can spend it now [snaps] And feel nothing. At this point, ড 250 was everything. I think I have a budget of 250 250: “I’ll sell some drops as soon as I get some speakers.” “I’m walking to the store today and buy whatever I want. I didn’t think about it, it’s wild.

And now you have the biggest song in the world. How do you feel?

It still hasn’t hurt me. I tweeted that the other day in the car, “Lemondep” was in the rap caviar. I heard it for the first time since the whole song came out. Damn, I actually own this record. I own the masters, this is my record on my label. Don’t look at it as I made it.

What do you mean?

I wake up every day with a different mindset. It doesn’t matter what I did the day before. Plaques, moving to gold or platinum, having billboard songs doesn’t mean anything. I want to push the border. Which producers know how to do it? We didn’t just produce “LEMONADE”, but I actually wrote it. I, Joey, Johnny Yukon wrote this Oct Oct, 201. A completely different song, first it was written for Lil Akash. Joey puts “LEMONADE”, it’s got 3,000 plays, nothing happened. I asked my A&R, “I’m doing my album, should the songs I have kept over the last three years contain my songs?” He said “” LEMONADE “” What? “I said, ‘What is it?'” He asked. “You know Don.” [Toliver] Cut it? “I had no idea. I had sex with Don, the good guy. I heard it on the jazzy cut real beat. I said, ‘Okay, I need acapella.’ Nav got it and sent it to Gunna, he got it and I put it out.

You have described some dramas behind the scenes. What happened?

No one knows this shit. It was four minutes 50 minutes including Don’s verse, Navel’s verse, Guna’s verse. I had to remove Don’s verse because he’s on the hook too. My label, I sent the version without Dawn. They sent a version to Dawn with Dawn and they approved it. When the song was dropped and Don’s verses weren’t there, he said, “Brother, what happened?” I said we have to do something for the remix. Thanks, the song went up. This record should not be larger than this [laughs]. Not because the song is bad, there is a lot of drama behind the record. Any sex thing maybe this song, video shoot, people don’t want to be there, people hate the record, fuck the label, make negative cuts. It still went and became one of the biggest records of the year.

Was there a tipping point for this song – a social media moment, a key sync, a radio ad or a specific playlist / platform that broadened the record? What was it?

Tiktok has taken it to another level. I like it because you can’t pay for it. You can pay influential people to make videos, but you can’t pay if people want to do and hold on to it. People are biologically watching great videos, creative ideas for your songs, it will increase the number. Great to see the charts grow every day, I respect that. I cum with all the ticklers.

What does the song have to grab the audience?

That’s all. The guitar is the melody that is instantly heard, you know what the song is. Things that don’t exist, we’re missing those 90s guitar chords – red hot chili peppers, green day, weasel, that effect is there. The hook is really big, it’s really interesting. Once heard, it gets stuck.

Are you with your music like this?

I see the way the song is different. It’s tough, I fight between what I want to do and what I need to do. I want to go crazy, next level shit. What Kanye has done with “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and “Yejus” really bends Sonics and Words. Set fire, but people want to hear “lemonade”. [laughs] I walk this line. I’m fighting an angel and a monster on my shoulder, how do I give them medicine through candy? So I can make myself happy but at the same time give them what they need.

When did you come up with the idea of ​​internet money?

I wanted to create a producer who works with each other. I don’t think about the art, I was earning half a million dollars a year online, I didn’t bother about working with great artists. When I got Nick Meera at the age of 15 I got DT at the age of 16 They find the juice WRLD. DT Ross found WRLD when he had 100 SoundCloud followers. They brought juice; Made all his music, did everything with juice.

Ross had such great energy. How did you deal with his pass?

I never told anyone. That morning at 6 o’clock Nick was asleep in his room in my room. Seattle’s Sidepiece, who received Ross WRLD, was in town for a week, lying in the living room. I get a phone call from the New York Times, I don’t answer. I immediately received a text, “Do you have any quotes about the Ross WRLD pass?”

How did you know

Yes, what am I reading? Nah. I check the TMZ and see if it is there. I got up and ran to Nick’s room at the end of my hall, he had already come out crying. I went downstairs and told DT. At 6 a.m., they were out in the hot tub to check out. Nick and DTE found him and developed him, it’s really powerful for them. People do not know behind the scenes. People don’t want to work with Nick’s juice. Whenever money is involved, people try to control the pot and only certain people want to work with each other. Politics, a lot of things were unspoken.

Let’s talk about the fall, ”When did you discover Trevor Daniel?

He’s an artist from Houston I signed two years ago. Soundcloud man, dig. I do my research, I find artists. I brought him here to an experimental session because I wanted to sign him, to give him a contract. We made a record, then “Fall” is our second record. We dropped it on October 5, 2018, and we’re here. It went viral a few times at different times: on Instagram in 2015 and the ticket went crazy in late 2012, it lasted a year and a half.

What was your proudest moment in the life of this song personally?

It sees it go up biologically. The labels suspected they actually wanted to give the gift to another artist the day before the song was read. We had a premiere set up with the complex. Trevor wrote the song, they wanted him to hand it over to another artist. Crazy. I said “Fuck nah, you can suck my dick.” [laughs]

What are you waiting for the most covid?

Performing. The Internet Money Festival in Jacksonville is a real thing. I was supposed to do it this year, but in secret. I want to get involved in charity. At the moment, I want the key city. Flakes on some local shit. When you make a certain amount of money, what if you don’t bring it back to your hometown? Cole [Bennett] Travis has this thing in Chicago [Scott] Houston, the post has its thing [Malone] He has his thing in Dallas, Farrell has found his place in Virginia. Everyone is doing their own thing. I want to do mine

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