October 16, 2021


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Crew members responded to the IATSE strike authorization

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After the historic historic vote to approve the first IATSE strike, several bottom-line guild members said they were impressed by the almost unanimous response from their fellow artisans in the entertainment industry. However, concerns about the potential economic impact are also on the minds of workers who are already at the mercy of a perpetual production schedule.

Although Facebook and Instagram were shut down for about six hours, crew members took to Twitter to express their support and share congratulatory messages as 98% of members of the International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees voted to approve the strike. Ability to stop production.

If Tuesday’s talks with AMPTP are not successful, it will be the first nationwide industry strike in IATSE’s 128-year history. Frances Fischer shared a tweet saying “Congratulations”, other celebrities who were sending support were Jeffrey Wright, Rosie O’Donnell and Octavia Spencer.

Crew members had been preparing for a strike approval vote for weeks as talks between the union representing the studios and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers stalled. The unions have been negotiating a new deal since May, and the set seeks to address long-term concerns, including long time, wage scales and balances, and the stability of pensions and health funds. Workers are looking for improved rates on meals and rest periods, longer extensions between production days, and streaming projects.

Costume designer Mandi Line, who is about to start working as a pilot, said in an interview Variety, “ I felt cold knowing what it felt like to support each other. Beneath that happiness was fear, I had to be honest. I was around during the writer’s strike and saw people lose their homes. I also know that there is no compensation, no benefits, and it’s scary. Line, who has worked on “Pretty Little Lawyers”, has expressed her pride for her film and TV crew family.

Jacques Knight, founder of Knight FX, who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, said, “As a 22-year veteran of the film industry, I went on strike. The strike is harmful to everyone. These aren’t easy and of course, it will hit my bottom, but it won’t affect me as much if we don’t fight for these things right now. The goal of every employer is to get more for less, so we have to accept sacrifice now for the sake of longevity.

Knight added, “I am absolutely amazed at the busyness of our members and the work of the crew members, on top of their regular work, their creative support. Very few things in this world get 98% approval, especially when they can affect your financial results.” , So this is a real show of strength.I am also happy to know that AMPTP wants to get back on the table, and I really hope that they understand that the same 98% who have garnered this support will not accept anything less than a deal that will improve our lives. I hope they understand that the monster is awake, and it is hungry, so they will find some better beef.

Script co-ordinator Shawn Waugh, who has worked on “Fear the Walking Dead”, is much more likely to strike, but is aware of the impact. “On the one hand, the strike means people are losing the income and health insurance times we use to help our families. On the other hand, it was a voluntary vote, and my fellow IATSE brothers and sisters came through united support for basic reasonable rest and living wages. I think a real strike, with nearly, 000,000 workers leaving their kits and carrying picket marks, would show the studios the humanitarian side of all the pain that their work practices cause.

Mary DeChambres, ACE, posted on Twitter: “There are results !! IATSE members had enough ridiculous hours and unsafe working conditions.”

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has backed better working conditions and a strike vote. He wrote, “The voteIATSE workers have full support and solidarity in their vote to approve the strike. 90% vote with 98% vote yes an incredible achievement. We need to organize such a mass movement now. Let your example inspire others! Stay strong, we are with you. ”

Adam Schiff was another legislator who called for better conditions. Just last week, he was one of many members of Congress who called on the AMPTP for talks with the IATSE. In his tweet, he wrote, “Today, ATIATSE members voted in favor of the strike. This is the next chapter in their efforts to improve living wages and working conditions. It is my hope that an agreement may be reached soon Will manage.

Here are the reactions to the historic vote.

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