October 16, 2021


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Critical Roll Campaign 3 premiere date, cinemamark theater tickets

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Attention, Criters: The Critical Roll Crew will soon be hanging on to their third-role adventure campaign এবং and you can watch the first episode in your local movie.

The group’s flagship Danzions and Dragon-inspired show Campaign 3 World Premiere is set for Thursday, October 21, at 7 p.m. In addition to live streaming on Twitch and YouTube, the first episode will be broadcast live to Cinemark theaters in 20 cities across the country. (To buy tickets and find a theater location for the Cinemark show, visit cinemark.com/criticalrole.)

Campaign 3 will introduce a new band of adventurers coming together in the market, a continent located in the world of the critical role Alexandria. The story will follow the events of the Alexandria Unlimited mini-campaign and the second campaign of the critical role, which will take place after the exploitation of the mighty Nine Adventure Party.

Eight regular cast members will return for the new campaign: Matthew Mercer (“Overwatch”), Ashley Johnson (“The Last of You”), Marisha Roy (“Final Fantasy XV”), Talisin Jaffe (“Final Fantasy XIV”), Travis Willingham (“Marvel’s Avengers” game), Sam Regal (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”), Laura Bailey (“The Last of Us: Part II”) and Liam O’Brien (“Star Wars: The Bad Batch”). The campaign will also have a host of guest stars – who have not yet been released.

The third campaign for the critical role, which has been streaming their tabletop RPG shows since 2015, comes ahead of the arrival of an animated series “The Legend of Vox Machine” based on their first campaign, which is coming to Amazon Prime Video. In 2019, Amazon Studios ordered a total of 24 episodes in two seasons, with critically acclaimed Vox Machine raising ক 11.39 million from fans for funding – still a record for a movie or video project on a crowdfunding site.

From October 21, CR’s campaign will air on Thursday evening at PT on the Critical Rolls Twitch (twitch.tv/criticalrole) and YouTube (youtube.com/criticalrole) channels. The on-demand replay twitch channel will be immediately available to subscribers and will be available on the Critical Roll YouTube channel on PT next Monday afternoon. Critical Introduction Episodes of the show will be available in podcast format one week after the initial broadcast on the podcast feed, available via Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.

Outside of the original live streaming show, the critical role continues to expand the brand to other media and March. These include fiction and non-fiction books, comic books, graphic novels, collectibles, tabletop and role-playing games, podcasts and live events.

Picture above (L. to R.): Critical Introduction Co-founder and member Sam Regal, Liam O’Brien, Marisha Roy, Laura Bailey, Matthew Mercer, Talisin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Travis Willingham

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