February 5, 2023


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Critics’ Choice Awards 2023: What You Haven’t Seen on TV

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Jennifer Coolidge held court while eating ice cream, and Julia Roberts, Thuso Mbedou and Cate Blanchett were among the stars in the room to say hello.

The stars stepped out to celebrate the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday, except for those who had Covid. “Everything Everywhere All at Once” star Jamie Lee Curtis, “The Banshees of Inisharine” leads Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, and “Babylon” actor Gene Smart have dropped out of the show after testing positive.

The Critics’ Choice Association, an organization of nearly 500 broadcast, radio and online critics and entertainment journalists, handed out its top awards in television and film to “Abbott Elementary” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

While viewers could tune in to The CW Network to watch the show, the action really began when the cameras stopped rolling during commercial breaks.

Celebrity Interactions

Celebrities are also fans. The second live show cut to a commercial break, with Roberts, Blanchett, Angela Bassett and others using those moments to visit other tables. Roberts, who was nominated for her performance in “Gaslit,” spent a break deep in conversation with “Tar’s” Nina Hoss. Another time, he stopped to say hello to Coolidge. “Andor” star Diego Luna sought out director Guillermo del Toro shortly before the show aired. Blanchett was seen swinging to one side of the room to greet Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett.

Austin Butler wins “Most Selfie Requests.” Runner Up: Jennifer Coolidge

Austin Butler, Baz Luhrmann and Kathryn Martin missed the opening minutes of the show when they arrived at their table during the first commercial break. Although Butler didn’t win for “Elvis,” he took the honor for most selfie requests. Butler happily obliged, including Keegan-Michael Key and Janelle Monae, who stopped to admire her performance or attempt a selfie.

Butler had to make a quick exit at the end of the night as he had a Monday morning flight.

Coolidge sat courtside at his table, served Coldstone Creamery ice cream, took selfies and was praised for his awesomeness.

Craft Awards

Craft Award winners were showcased the same way they were on TV — some of the awards for Best Costume Design, Production Design, Screenplay and Adapted Screenplay were shown on screen. The winners had no acceptance speeches or voiceovers, creating confusion.

Notably, when Sarah Polley won Adapted Screenplay for “Woman Talking” in the same block as its composer Hildur Guðnadóttir, who won for “Her,” a double nomination. It took Pauly 20 minutes to realize that Gudnadotti won for Todd Field’s play instead of his own.

Food, glorious food

Dinner was inside the ballroom except for the three-course meal. Set plates were laid out as guests arrived at the table. Hummus and an olive tapenade await those nominated with crusty bread.

The afterparty featured the large menu, where guests enjoyed baked gnocchi, lasagne, a charcuterie selection and sushi. Ice creams with flavors like cake batter, strawberry and chocolate were also offered.

‘Everything is connected

Undoubtedly the liveliest table in the room was “Everything Everywhere at Once.” Filmmaker Daniels and acting nominees Kay Hui Kwan and Stephanie Hu celebrated together. “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” star Ishmael Cruz stops by Cordova College classmate Hook to say hello. Both of them said at the time of their arrest diversity, Cordova took her first headshot during their college years. Then, with a Polaroid camera in hand, he asked for one more shot of the two enjoying their success in film and television.

Meeting new friends and potential future co-stars

The red carpet was buzzing and crowded, even stopped at one point by the Los Angeles Fire Marshal. While waiting for interview spots to open up, diversity Actors Murray Bartlett (“Welcome to the Chippendales”), Nina Hoss (“Tar”) and Jenny Slate (“Marcel the Shell with Shoes On”) introduce each other.

They have a lively exchange and kick it off laughing at the random peccadilloes of life on the red carpet. This came before of diversity Senior awards editor Clayton Davis suggested the three make a movie together.

Hose replied, “Oh my God, can we?”

“Oh, we should,” Slate said, before Bartlet shut it down, “Let’s do it.”

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