March 21, 2023


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‘Current’ reviews – different

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Before the coronavirus epidemic forced us all to isolate, Donald Trump told America, “It will disappear. One day, like a miracle, it will disappear. ”Well, without a miracle or medicine, we can do the next best thing, and it can’t defeat the Cavid-19, the one-man missing Portuguese healer Gimeris. The show “The Present” makes sure isolation much more portable.

Last year, Gimeris started an intimate reunion called ‘Geffen Playhouse’ in Los Angeles by performing card tricks for a crowd of more than 100 guests on the small stage of the theater. Now, to talk again with director Frank Marshall for an inspiring response to an exceptional time, he and Jeffen Hutt have quickly put together a show uniquely suited to the present moment, where magic works far, far beyond social distances. Can create ideas? .

Instead of buying seats, listeners pay for a place on the virtual table by tuning through a zoom for a live stream. But the people present – which is short for 25 families per show without a limit on the number of people gathered behind each screen in the house – are physically away from each other, it’s not a passive drama experience. Your ticket comes with more than just access: each ticket also has a small cardboard box, which is tied to a thread and mailed to everyone’s home address, with a deck of bicycle cards and several other props for remote sharing.

Once all the guests have gathered in their respective zoom windows, the host instructs them to switch to “speaker view”, which trains our attention to the gymnasts who recupe after dressing like my magician – his blue button-down blocked, sleeves half -Rolled – which appears as his study (but it can only be a set). Theoretically, seeing magic at this point may seem daunting, but Gimaris personalizes it from the outset and explains how his love of card tricks found its mark in a time when he spent 11 years apart, when a young man fell off a car. , Helder went into a coma and then recovered and returned home He’s, he was with his grandfather, his stories became a recurring character.

Gimaris is somewhat built on his body language and vaguely awkwardly made, which has the fun effect of making his show feel less polished than it actually is. He came as a teenager who had just discovered magic and wanted to show off his new skills to anyone who was keen enough to add new ones to him – just as he was in the memory he shared, although he had a few to complete his routines. There were decades. At first he runs a few tricks alone, but once the audience adapts to his style, he instructs them to open the sent bike deck and instruct the house visitors to pick their cards and change them towards the end of ruct, accurately predicted (with about 75% accuracy). ) Top card in each of their hands.

My own card was one of the ones he guessed, but given my confusion (toggling screen controls on my computer, taking notes on experiences), it was certainly a result of me leaning towards my end. In future strategies – those involved in word-searching puzzles and other card-based gambles, all of which are tied together with sensitive anecdotes – the results are on the way to gimmicks. With each amazing result I can feel the combined surprise among my colleagues. Here we are separated who knows how far, combined with common sense “how did he do it?”

Having spent the past two months in virtual isolation, having conversations with anyone other than the grocery store clerk and the acceptable handler, there was inevitably something going on about the experience, which as part of the audience has become valuable to my usually anonymous role. When I go to the theater, I want to disappear into the dark in fear of the idea that any magician or comedian might leave me alone. If an actor calls for a volunteer, I try to make myself invisible.

But it was different. Each family was given a number with their box, and many times Guimaris would snatch one from a wine glass and tell us to shape the fate of his next strategy. Zoom in, I think it feels less intimidating as a person, I don’t want to watch dramas performed on my laptop screen, while movies do better judgment in that case. But magic only works live – or so I thought, until Gimeris finds this interactive way to make it work. We are forced to get involved. Put another way, you must be present for the “presentation”.

Evolutionists are known for misdirection, confusing us on the one hand, and performing the strategy on the other. Looking at our screen, we always have a clear and unambiguous view of Gimeris’s hand. Still, he wonders, as we turn our attention to the magic, the show’s emotional core – the story of childhood hope and connection that helps bring the audience together – jumps at us. Perhaps magic can defeat Kovid after all.

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