September 21, 2021


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Dad to watch soldier movies, deadly issues and more new movies

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Christopher Nolan’s “Tennet” was supposed to open on July 1, but in the face of a coronavirus outbreak, the world has left itself behind as a scene of fascination with the director. When the infection rate in the United States reached new highs, theaters suspended or reversed their plans to reopen, and movies that planned to follow “Tenet” in later spots on the calendar.

Streaming platforms and on-demand services will again pick up the slack by offering a gener-spanning selection of new offers. There are showbiz documentaries – one with spotlighting Broadway legend Kaye Ballard and another about animated mavens Spike and Mike – as well as sundance-blessed indie offers such as “Dart Music” (with Garrett Headlund) and “The Sunlight Night”.

On Netflix, “Decades” brings together the best years of our lives “Childhood”, the New York Times-produced documentary “Father Soldier’s Son”, which looks at how a family is influenced by the service of a father in Afghanistan, as well as a handful of new movies. Diversity Was not able to review.

Here’s a rundown of the films that will be unveiled this week Diversity Covered with links to where you can see them. Find more movies and TV shows to stream here.

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Painted Bird
Courtesy of Celluloid Dreams

Release new releases according to the needs of selected theaters

Animation Outlaws (Cat Alyoshin)
Distributor: Gravitus Ventures
Where to Find It: Available on Amazon and on-demand services
At a time when Disney was virtually the only game in town … Spike and Mike distributed competitions, encouraged indie animators to develop more upside-down aspects and rewarded them with national exposure. There’s a “guess you have to be there” at Alioshin’s Dock, as the creators of Spoon & Mike’s festival animation tune said “it’s just great” for the better part of the 68৮ minute, but most of them have individual work flashes on the greenscreen behind their heads. – Peter DeBruze
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Dirt Music (Gregor Jordan)
Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Where to Find It: Available on iTunes and other video-on-demand services
Tim Whitton’s 2001 novel “Dart Music” tells the story of two ghostly lonely men drawn in a love triangle that originates in a remote fishing village off the coast of West Australia. But the setting of the novel was always its vibrant character [and] Jordan’s adaptation is faithful to a flaw in Winton’s novel by working hard to provide a Western Australian postcard-perfect perspective. Focusing on characters who don’t act too much in the way of reasoning and much of the conversation is confined to the clipped cracks of dissatisfied Hemingwayism, “Dart Music” is a subtle romance that never finds the right key. – Andrew Barker
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Ghosts of War (Eric Brace)
Distributor: Vertical entertainment
Where to Find It: Available through Amazon and other video-on-demand services
Sadistic Nazis, PTSD-infested Allied forces, angry spirits, and creepy dolls create a pile of already terrifying factors between the “ghosts of war”, toppling the stack by loading many extra elements into the final edge. Brace, the co-director of this second feature, including “Butterfly Effect,” has similarly taken on a more structured form of reality. In this case, however, the early, fairly straightforward ghost story that is close to the realm of “The Cabin in the Woods” has finally been refuted as something bigger. – Dennis Harvey
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Kaye Ballard: The Show Goes On! (Dan Wingate)
Distributor: Vertical entertainment
Where to Find It: Select a virtual movie to support
Originally a wealth of vintage-TV presence footage, the documentary is a fitting tribute to the versatile comedians whose careers spanned eight decades. Although commonly known as a reliable second art, Ballard’s skill was considerable and the film provided a dazzling glimpse into the limits of his talents. In addition to a starry selection of colleagues, we ourselves have witnessed the running of commentary from the lady, who has something good to say about everyone. – Dennis Harvey
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Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf (Susan Yusuf)
Distributor: Marjoun LLC
Where to Find It: Virtual tickets are available through EventLive
Institutional anti-Arab bias, subjugation of suburban America, conflict between traditional theocratic values ​​and progressive ideals in the Muslim faith, linguistic and cultural tensions between Marjoun’s Americanism and its Lebanese heritage, dramatic power not to mention ongoing child abuse. The second feature is to apply energy to a small village. Yet these stains are mocked by the film’s strange stop-start passing and a significant lack of mother-daughter chemistry. – Jessica Kiang
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The Painted Bird (Vaclav Marhul)
Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Where to Find It: Available through video-on-demand services and in selected theaters
This is only the third directing attempt by Czech multi-hyphenate Marhull in 17 years. This spontaneously adapted version of Geragi Kosciuszko’s controversial 1965 novel is somewhat of its most ambitious and accomplished: 169-minutes of violent social separation following an unnamed boy. The Cruel Barriers to Survival and Torture in the Country Course The final blows of pain and sorrow shown here are seldom praised by the beauty of their presentation me – Guy Lodge
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The Sunlit Night (David Wandt)
Distributor: Agile distribution
Where to Find It: Complaints are available
In “The Sunlight Night”, Rebecca Dinerstein shows that she can write funny breakups, awkward Jewish family gatherings, and sweet wedding speeches. One suspects that he had to travel all over the Norwegian Arctic to develop this skill, but at least his pilgrimage provided a sample of personal writing – just a romance-to-find tweet. The joke has moved so far north that it is easy to score his work on any sitcom staff. Can – Peter DeBruze [Note: The film has been recut since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was reviewed.]
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Father is the son of a soldier
Courtesy of The New York Times

Exclusive to Netflix

Father Soldier Son (Catherine Einhorn, Leslie Davis) Pictures of critics
Where to Find It: Streaming on Netflix
Sometimes the journalist knows in his bones when he taps the motherland. On-camera topics range from interviews to characters, examples to the protagonist. This is how Ainhorn felt when he spoke to Ainjern. First-grader Brian Eisch, and many more, sons Isaac and Joey in 2010, whom he placed as part of an ambitious multimedia project for the paper, if the Times’ blockblaster package expands, with the deployment and return of “Father Soldier’s Son” Visiting Eyes makes the focus even tougher, with devastating catastrophes and humble even touching triumphs. – Lisa Kennedy
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Fatal Affair(Peter Sullivan)
Where to Find It: Streaming on Netflix

MILF(Excel Lafont)
Where to Find It: Streaming on Netflix

The Players (Gli Infedeli)(Stefano Mordini)
Where to Find It: Streaming on Netflix

We Are One (On est ensemble)(Stefan de Freitas)
Where to Find It: Streaming on Netflix

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Showbiz kids
Courtesy HBO

Exclusive HBO

Showbiz kids (Alex Winter)
Where to Find It: Streaming in HBO
Child stardom, which was a somewhat fancy phenomenon, has largely become one of the mainstream. Winter lived on its own and knows that we have seen scandals often play out at once. Instead, he focuses on a group of talented former child stars, not only enjoying stories of addiction and breakup, but also capturing the dangers of life for those who adapt to them with some efficiency. Don’t worry, there are still a lot of dramas. The upshot of the movie is: the life of the child star is a bit insane, even the star in question remains intelligent. - Owen Gleberman
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