September 21, 2021


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David Bondman’s daughter L.A. Bought Starter House

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A walled and gated combination hidden in the depths of the Hollywood Mountains above the private Cal-de-sack – and described in the listed materials as a “bio-modern private tropical retreat” – has sold a whopping লের 5.7 million in the region. The new home is owned by Joe Frost Bonderman, the 27-year-old daughter of multi-millionaire David Bondman, a minority owner of the Boston Celtics, a former member of the Uber board, and a Texas-based high-private equity tycoon.

Frost Bunderman is another L.A. More than Hierarchy, however, he is an emerging music mogul who owns Made in the Shade (MITS) records, a fast-growing indie label based in Los Angeles. Like his father, he has established himself as a left-wing political donor over the past few years, paying thousands for progressive reasons.

Brand-new and located downstairs in a tropical forest of palm and bamboo, the teak-sided house decorates the high-end with very concentration on Zen minimalism. With clean-lined surfaces, organic hardwood, bispoke finishes and retractable glass doors that blend very nicely into the interior of the house in a social way, the place is more reminiscent of a boutique hotel in an Indonesian forest than a few minutes of bustling place Hollywood.

There are five bedrooms in a living space of about five thousand square feet, an ultra-chic kitchen with sophisticated shades of honey and graphite, and a private veranda in the upper master suite that overlooks the lovely courtyard. Back to back, a thin concrete gesture supports a firepit and built-in picnic.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the property is that it is a natural mountain groove, which is overlooked by a wooden bridge and washed directly under the main house. Cracking native frogs and mosquitoes hate the peaceful environment, while the stone paths narrow the whole house to the raw-sided swimming pool.

Although it is his L.A. The starter home appears to be the property records revealing that the Hollywood Hills compound is not Bondman’s first home purchase. In 2018, he and his musician Michael Sherman paid 1.8 million for a modern residence at his part-time Stumping Ground in San Diego, California, which the couple continues to own.

Brandon and Ryan Williams of Hilton and Holland put this on the list; Compass Ryan Maine has removed Bondman.

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