October 16, 2021


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David Bowie Estate and Warner Music Inc. Major Catalog Deal

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The estate of David Bowie and Warner Music Group has announced a global partnership that will bring the late artist’s recorded music catalog under Warner’s umbrella from 1968 to 2016.

The new deal features Baui’s albums from 2000 to 2016, originally published via Sony Music, joining Warner’s 1968-1999 catalog. The albums “Heather,” “Reality,” “The Next Day” and “Blackstar”, the last of which was released just two days before the singer’s death from cancer in January 2016, are among the works that will go to Warner in 2023.

Only Bowie’s early recordings – a solo series and a well-known album released through various British labels between 1964 and 1967, none of which were hits – will be with a handful of misguided Warners. Bowie “Era” is the fifth installment in a series of boxed sets, “Brilliant Adventures (1992 – 2001)” scheduled for release this fall, with details.

Much of Bowie’s catalog became part of Warner Orbit in 2013, when WMG acquired the London-based Perlophone Label Group (an agreement arising from a 2012 transaction that allowed Universal Music Group to acquire EMI and dismantle certain features). Since then, the company has embarked on a very close series of remakes “guided by Bowie’s vision for its catalog”, with skillfully crafted “era” boxed sets, multiple releases of rare concerts and other recordings coming each year.

DiversityA summary of the series released earlier this year states, “This is a full-fledged, thoughtful and well-executed archive campaign, with a variety of presentations and perspectives. Unveiling a huge amount of content in the way of loading, sometimes celebrating anniversaries, sometimes not. With a lot of exciting releases. “

Bowie first saw great success with his 1969 single “Space Auditity” and signed with RCA Records for his most influential work in the 1970s. After the expiration of his RCA contract in 1981, he retained the rights to his recorded music and entered into a series of licensing agreements with various labels and his RCA content for his new releases, the ownership of which was acquired by him in the late 1980s.

Bowie retained much of her rare content for many years, but since the launch of the Perlophone reissue series in 2015, it has been gradually moving into a fan-satisfied fashion.

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Max Lausada, CEO of Warner Music Group’s Recorded Music, says: Bowie’s repetitive rearrangements and endless experimental effects continue to resonate around the world – through his transformative genres, his invented timeless songs and sounds, and his profound influence on music, art and fashion. We are thrilled that our expanded partnership with Baui Estate will help us deliver innovative, career-wide projects and attract a new generation to its extraordinary musical instruments.

Kevin Gore, President, Global Catalog, Warner Recorded Music, adds: “It is truly gratifying to be entrusted with this unprecedented task. Over the past eight years, we have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Bowie Estate, collaborating on a fantastic series of releases. Nigel and our entire catalog team have taken great care to stay thoughtful and steadfast in their commitment to being true to his artistic vision, while releasing previously unheard music and building his talent in new reports. In addition to adding his next extremely powerful work to Warner’s music portfolio, we’ve been looking forward to bringing Baui’s music to fans around the world for many years to come. ”

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