April 2, 2023


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Despite the slim film offer, French moviegoers are out in force – different

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France, Europe’s largest country of filmmakers, saw its theaters reopen on June 22 and sold between 850,000 and 900,000 admissions on Sunday.

This is about 50% lower than the average week of June, but considering the lack of fresh release, the temperature, which plagued most parts of the country last week, and the threat of a second wave of COVID-19, is an “outstanding result” beyond our most optimistic forecast. ” “Theaters have been closed for more than two months,” said Eric Marti of ComScore in France.

The admission list is particularly strong as not all the theaters were open in the first part of the week. Indeed, only about 0% of theaters reopened on Mondays and Tuesdays, and 85% of them by Wednesday, Marty said. Today, most of France has 2,040 movies and 5,700 active screens.

“About 60,600,000 admissions were sold between Wednesday and Sunday, when almost all the venues were reopened, so it shows that the French people were eager to return to the theater,” Marty said.

Unlike other countries, France imposed very few restrictions on admissions. Marks-Olivier Sebag of the FNCF (National Federation of Exhibition Forces) said, “Before the reopening, a cap of 50% of the auditorium’s capacity was first left, and the mask was only mandatory outside the auditorium.” Although there is no cap, each patron needs to have an empty seat on each side. Groups – not necessarily people living in the same family – can sit together.

The box-office results in France are therefore comparatively larger than in neighboring countries, where movies have recently relaunched. For example, German cinema presence is down 90% to 90% and Spain is down 90% to 95% during the average week of June. Already in the Netherlands, admissions are almost equal to France, but the country has the advantage of having four new local cinemas. In France, theaters simply reopen with a new French release, KMBO’s “Phils de Joey”, which is in tenth place.

A pair of reprinted images, Memento Distribution’s “How to Be a Good Wife” with Juliet Binoch and SND’s World War II biopic “De Gaulle” are now leading the box office charts, with viewers eagerly awaiting Christopher Nolan to entice the public. “. The continuous suspension of the film from July 17 to July 31 and now from August 12 is going to fill the full gap of July for local exhibitors. The first week’s B.O. with “How to Be a Good Wife” and “De Gaulle”. At the top of Disney’s “front,” Concord’s “Mister” was Jones and UPI’s “Invisible Man.”

The uninterrupted flow of mainstream local films, such as the “Divorce Club”, could keep the comedy movie theater going due to Michel Eun’s July 14 release, but most French distributors have postponed releases until the end of the year or early 2021. The French National Film Board recently unveiled an incentive for distributors and producers who released their films before August 31, but so far it has not proved to be very fruitful. Some of the non-US releases planned for August include Apollo Films’ “Bigfoot Family”, a European 3D animated feature by Ben Stassen.

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