March 25, 2023


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Did Taylor Swift and Brother Austin remake an Oldy for ‘Killing Eve’? – Different

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Taylor Swift has finally begun to do her best to rewrite her entire Big Machine catalog – although she never said she would put her brother Austin in the top voice for the whole epic project.

Okay, so I heard about the opening of the latest episode of Killing Eve, the cover of “Brother What You Did,” perhaps one-off rather than a directional sign that could probably take a remake of his old age in the future. However, for his fan base, Did … such as an opportunity to hunt Easter eggs embedded in the artwork and credits of the track, which makes sure it looks like it has been recreated as a family.

Suite was able to post on social media that she was “very stocked” about the funky new version of the “Look Have My Do” series, which was released to the “Killing Eve” series, which was previously given to unknown lawmakers Jack Leopards and The Credit. When Dolphin Club Digital Services Credit showed that the song was co-produced in recent years by its staunch collaborators Jack Antonoff and “Neil Sisberg,” the pseudonym Swift used when he was a collaborator – with Rihanna in 2011 for your “live” Wrote.

The hints were fairly broad as it went. It took a bit more memory-jogging for fans to remember that 28-year-old Austin Swift once got “The Dolphin Club” as his Twitter handle … probably a joke based on a picture of his childhood wearing a T-shirt with these words. It turns out that the same image with square blocks above Austin’s face is the basis of the cover art of the new track. (This could be a tribute to David Boyer. The cover image of “Heroes” is a square block above the front of the “next day”, or just thinking together of great thoughts.)

The song’s secret credits are further limited: In a report released in February, Sweet asked Phoebe Waller-Bridge, executive producer of Killing Eve’s “Golden Globes in January,” if Austin could sing on the show’s soundtrack. The Swift siblings and Antonoff posed for pictures together late last year, sparking speculation among fans that the track that was already recorded at the time of Swift Waller-Bridge’s request had already been recorded.

Swift’s camp did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The musician seems more excited about singing his brother’s own old songs than they do right now, if his recent ABC special “Taylor Swift City’s Lover Concert” is a hint. The hour-long show, which aired on May 17, featured eight songs from her latest album, “Premika,” sung by Swift, which was filmed at the Paris Gig last September, and not one of the eight performances she played early in her career.

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