September 20, 2021


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Director Yoshida Keisuke will perform at the Tokyo Film Festival

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The Tokyo International Film Festival will showcase the work of director Yoshida Keisuk in its 34th edition next month. The festival runs from October 30-November. 8, 2021.

Yoshida’s two films are set to be released commercially this year, his recent “Blue” and “Intolerance”, which hit Japanese theaters later this month (September 23).

The festival house will give the house “blue”, “intolerance” and its 2016 title “Himenol”. Yoshida has earned coins for titles in recent years, including “Thicker Than Water” and “Come on Irene” from 2018.

The newly expanded Nippon Cinema Nao section replaces the previous Japan Nao section and seeks to bring more diverse Japanese films to a global audience that deserves greater global recognition.

“Each film expresses its single point of view and moves the audience deeply. Yoshida’s talent for portraying the insanity of human relationships in a variety of characters, including a hunter, siblings, an international couple, a boxer, a criminal and a victim, deserving of increased notice at future film festivals in Japan and abroad, the Tokyo Festival cited as his preferred explanation.

“I first saw the movie ‘Hymenol’ by Yoshida Keisuke. I was amazed at his amazing talent as a director, and I went back and saw his previous films. I was embarrassed that I hadn’t seen them. It is a matter of seeing Yoshida’s ability to bring out such dramas from the common people. It is a great pleasure to present his work in 2021, the year he published two masterpieces called ‘Blue’ and ‘Intolerance’, “said Ichiyama Shojo, programming director of the Tokyo Festival.

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Yoshida studied at the Tokyo Visual Arts Film School and initially worked as a lighting engineer, including director Shinya Sukamoto’s films. Debuting under the direction of Yoshida, the youth drama “Raw Summer” In 2006, Yubari won the Grand Prix of the International Fantastic Film Festival.

He then published a novel and later portrayed the father-daughter comedy “Cafe Isobe” (200). His other films include “Tsukue no Nakami” (2007), “Sankaku” (2010), “The Workhorse & the Bigmouth” (2013), “My Little Sweet Pea” (2013) and “Silver Spoon” (2014).

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