October 25, 2021


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Distributor Italia Film has reached 2 million admissions in Saudi Arabia

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Italy Film, a leading Middle Eastern film distributor with close ties to Hollywood, has admitted more than two million people to Saudi Arabia this year, marking it as a milestone.

The results provide new evidence that cinema continues to operate in the region after a religion-related ban on cinema was lifted in 2017.

The Beirut based company Major Hollywood studios, including Disney, STX Entertainment and Lionsgate, have long-standing monopolies with the Indies. It is Saudi received its first film distribution license in Saudi Arabia in 2018 after a five-year ban. Italy Film The family-run company mourned the death of its founder, Joseph Vincenti, earlier this month, announcing on September 26 that it would be the first distributor in Saudi Arabia to cross the two million mark.

Disney’s “Cruella”, Italy’s top 2021 title film to date in Saudi Arabia, which has grossed 9. 9.1 million locally since its May release, is the stand-alone “men’s” in Egyptian comedy “Waffet Regala” at the Emma Stone-starred state’s number two box office. Pulled in 15.6 million.

According to Italia Film, these numbers are being generated by a total of 404 screens on 42 sites.

In 2020, Saudi Arabia was the only country to grow at the box office each year, with an estimated value of 120 120 million. According to Italy Film, the enrollment rate in Saudi Arabia has increased by 158% in 2021 compared to last year.

Italy Film’s other top-earning release in the Saudi market is “Soul”, which grossed 5. 5.1 million in 2021; “Free Guy,” which has grossed 4.5 million to date; “Jungle Cruise”, which scored just over মিল 4 million; And “Black Widow”, which made $ 3.8 million.

Vincenti, who died of strong pneumonia in Beirut in September ir2, Italia launched and became a film in Lebanon in 1962 1 In 1993, Disney’s main Middle East partner. He was credited with being the region’s first distributor to expand to the UAE, which was recently the busiest box office in the Middle East, and most recently in Saudi Arabia, which last year became the region’s top film market.

For decades, Vincenti Italia directed the film with courage and kept it at the forefront of the growth of the film industry in the Middle East. In addition to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, he expanded the distribution of Italian films to Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, and India.

Vincenti is survived by his wife Marilyn, his children Patrizia, Giuliano and Carlo, the managing director of the Italian film and his grandsons, Cristina, Sophia, Gabriela and Giuseppe.

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