March 21, 2023


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Donald Trump’s Twitter has added a warning label to Minneapolis ‘shooting’ protesters, saying it appreciates the violence – various

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Hours after President Donald Trump issued an executive order to revoke the legal protections of social media organizations, Twitter applied another warning label to one of Trump’s tweets on Friday morning – saying his post on the unrest in Minneapolis violated his policy of praising violence.

Trump, a Tweet At 12:53 a.m. and said that “when the looting started, the shooting started” referring to the rioters in Minneapolis who took to the streets after the death of George Floyd, who died after being shown a police officer. Video kneels at his neck

Trump tweeted: “… .These thugs are disrespecting the memory of George Floyd and I won’t let that happen,” Trump tweeted. “Just talked to Governor Tim Wallace and told him that the military is with him in every way. Any difficulty and we will take control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thanks! “

About two hours later, Twitter reported that it had placed a warning label

According to Twitter, Trump’s tweet “violates our principles regarding the greatness of violence based on the historical context of the last line, its connection to violence and the risks it may incite to take similar action today.”

The agency continued, “We have taken steps in the interest of preventing others from inciting violence, but we kept the tweet on Twitter because it is important that the public still be able to see its relevance to what is going on.”

In the case of political figures like Trump, Twitter provides special exceptions for Twitter that may be a violation for the regular user but should be left to the “public interest”. In June 2019, Twitter announced a policy under which tweets from political figures that violate its regular policies would appear in front of tweets with a warning notice. Friday’s move is the first time Twitter has applied the policy to any of Trump.

According to Twitter, “This notice is as much about Twitter as it is about standards [from Trump about Minneapolis] Will be limited. People will be able to retweet with comments, but will not be able to like, reply or retweet. “

More to come.

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