September 20, 2021


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Drake confirmed: ‘Certified Lover Boy’ album will be released on Friday

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After months of rumors and delays, an official false alarm, a bizarre ESPN teaser, and a release date fight with Kanye West’s “Danda” that never happened, Drake has unequivocally confirmed that his long-awaited sixth full-length album “Certified” Lover Boy “remains. Will be out on Friday.

The post includes what could be the cover of the album: short cartoons of pregnant women (take it, internet!).

“Certified Lover Boy September,” he posted on Instagram on Monday morning (August0), so if it doesn’t come, he’ll be two-thirds on the way to stopping the West’s liberation war; Lil Dark first announced with the tag-team “Laugh Now Cry Letter” that Drake posted in October that the album would be released in January but later changed the album citing reasons for recovering from an unspecified surgery.

When the so-called release-date battle with the West began with a whisper from the industry and a social media post from the West’s longtime ally Conscience, it gained steam when the two fathers revived their long-standing rivalry through social media. Earlier this month, a new Drake verse was added to the song “Betrayal” on Trippy Red’s new album “Trip at Night”.

“All this nonsense that I know very little / forty-five, forty-four (burned), leave it / you’re not changing for me, it’s set in stone,” Drake reps, even if he actually said “yeah” There were some questions. However, both West and Consequences are 44 years old.

West then posted and deleted Drake’s home address (it’s not hard to find), after which Drake posted a short video of himself laughing.

However, after a controversial third public listening session for “Danda”, West finally dropped the album on Sunday morning. After all, he would have lost a streaming battle with Drake anyway if only the modified “Danda” had been publicly broadcast and broadcast live three times on Apple Music, and “Certified Lover Boy” was relatively mysterious. (There are other reasons Drake could win too, but it will take a long time to list them …)

Although the album is the official successor to 2018’s “Scorpion”, Drake has released multiple new songs, including last year’s “Dark Lane Demo Tape”.

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