September 20, 2021


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Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’ loses to Kanye West in album debut

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In the end, the battle for supremacy between the 2021 long-awaited superstar hip-hop premiere could not stop even one contest. Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” is the top-debuting album of the year so far, with 595,300 albums equivalent units. When it premiered on the charts last week and set its own record at the time, that number easily lost 313,000 album units to Kanye West’s “Donda,” which will soon be shattered.

Drake Rolling Stone also had a very rare feat of landing 10 songs on the song chart. In the previous chart week, West managed to get five places in the top 10 songs.

If the rivalry is put aside, there will be little to complain about in the West, as “Donda” continues to pull stronger than anything other than the Drake album. In its second week, “Danda” dropped to No. 2 but still managed a strong 141,600 album units.

Breaking the 595K figure for “Certified Lover Boy” in its first week, Drake sold 43,200 full copies of the album, but the bulk of his success is attributed to a surprising 680.9 million individual streams for his songs.

In the second week for “Danda,” West’s 141K sold a total of 6,400 full albums and still split an estimated 169.3 million streams.

Drake’s album enjoyed seven days of sales and access to the first week of streaming, just five for the West, who quickly released his album on Sunday instead of Friday. But the gap in their statistics indicates that Drake’s lead over West in this derby is much more than a two-day advantage.

In addition to Drake, two albums Rolling Stone have debuted in the top ten of the album charts, both by experienced rock bands, one of them Really Veteran Iron Maiden’s “Senjutsu” has bowed at No. 4 with 53,600 album equivalent units. As would be expected in the so-called Heritage Act, it had more power in sales than in streaming. Iron Maiden sold a healthy 47,700 full copies of the album, while the streams were small, at 3.1 million.

At No. 9, Imagine Dragon’s “Mercury – Act 1” debuted with 31,900 album units. Ayman Dragon’s album sales were much lower than Iron Maiden’s – 16,200 full copies – but streams were much higher at 16.1 million.

The top 10 holdover albums, led by Olivia Rodrigo’s “Talk,” pushed to No. 3 in the 16th week with 63,300 new album units. Doza Cat’s “Planet Rate” ranked No. 5 and added another 48,800 album units to its list in its 11th week. No. 7, No. 8 Billy Ilish and No. 10 Rod Wave.

Halsey’s highly acclaimed “If I Can’t Love, I Want Strength” album slipped from the top 10 in the second week on the charts, dropping from No. 2 to No. 17.

The top 10 charts on the song chart were Fresh Drake tracks, including No. 1 “Way 2 Sexy” with 57.8 million streams, followed by “Girls Want Girls”, “Fair Trade”, “Champagne Poetry,” “Knife Talk,” “Bible” , “” TSU, “” Sinner’s house, “” No friends in the industry “and” Love everyone. ” “

In fact, to find the first non-Drake track you have to go to number 15 on the song chart এটি it’s “Stay” by Justin Bieber and Kid Larvey. From there, Drake continues his streak, claiming 19 of the top 20 songs before the West’s “Hurricane” hindered his roll at No. 21.

To see the full ranking of the top 200 albums for the week, click here. A list of the top 100 songs can be found here.

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