March 25, 2023


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Drive-in Concerts Emerged as Tobymac, Newsbice-by-Carode Tour Books – Variety

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Driving to a drive-in concert this summer – as explored in one Diversity The feature earlier this week – Steam Pick with two Christian music artists on note, TobyMac and Newsbys United – has announced that they have each booking tour that will be held exclusively in late June and early July in 16 drive-in theaters south.

Tickets for the social-distance event are being sold by car load, with six sponsors per car. General admission for the event is 100 100 or অনুষ্ঠ 175 for the desired parking spots near the stage and screen. Some two-screen drive-ins offer a cheaper $ 75 option for watching the show on the second screen without seeing the live stage.

These two tours were the brainchild of National Christian Music Tour Producer Awake Events, securing what could come as a tempting URL for their events,

“Every summer a few Saturday nights my family and I go to a local drive-in movie theater,” Tobymack said in a statement. “We have always loved it. When we started discussing live shows this quarantine season and came up with the idea of ​​playing drive-in, I said, ‘Let’s go.’ It seems like summer, safe for everyone and we can all enjoy live music. We want to make some memories. “

These two artists are not the first to book exclusive drive-in theaters for a tour this year. The honor goes to EDM artist Mark Rebelit, who sold 12 wags at nine weights in June, with one more geographical reach. None of the nine drive-ins on the Rebelite Tour are identical to any of the 16 used by TobyMac or Newboys United.

“The Cavid-19 has changed our whole life, but through it we have learned that love is patient and love is kind,” said Michael Tight, lead singer of Newboys United. (Before the members went their separate ways, Tate Seminal was a bandmate of Tobymac at the Christian hip-hop-pop group DC Talk)) “

While several other artists and festivals have looked at using drive-in theaters this summer, some drive-in owners have said they’re not interested in hosting concerts, saying they’re already doing a lot of business selling movies – at least when indoor theaters are closed. To leave the screen and dive into the business of concert promotion. Some of them might think again, though, if shows like these are sold, which seems like a possibility, since they count as an underplay of an actor like TobyMac, who filled the arena earlier this year.

As mentioned Diversity, Live Nation plans to enter the outdoor concert business this summer, although the mega-promoter will place shows in amphitheater parking lots, which have less capacity and are located in mostly small towns, instead of using existing drive-ins.

Eight of the new used drive-ins for Christian performers are hosting both artists over the summer, with the other eight simply booking one or the other. By Venue:

Kendall Drive-in Theater in Marshall, Arkansas: Newsboys United June 18, Tobimac July 9.

Aurora Sunset Drive-In, Missouri: Newsbis 19 June, Tobimac 10 July.

Missouri: Drive 66 in Carthage Drive-in: Newsbis 20 June, Tobimac 11 July.

Starlight Drive-In at Missouri Cadets: Newsboys June 21, Tobymac July 12.

Highway 21 drive-in in Beaufort, South Carolina: Tobymac June 22, Newsbiz July 8.

Monita Drive-in in Moneta, South Carolina: Tobymac June 23, Newsbyse July 7.

Alinam’s Guinea Blue Moon Drive-in: NewsByce June 24, TobyMac July 6.

Stardust Drive-in in Watertown, Tennessee: TobyMac June 25.

Montana Drive-in at Steel Springs, Tennessee: Newsbase June 25, TobyMac July 7.

Pink Cadillac Drive-in in Centerville, Tennessee: TobyMac June 26.

Hanger Drive-in in Hangar, Alabama: Newsbis 26 June.

Isuka, Missouri’s Aiuka Drive-in: Tobymac 2 June 27.

Birdsong Drive-in at Camden, Tennessee: TobyMac June 26.

Macon Drive-in at Lafayette, Tennessee: Newsboys 1 July.

Sourbeck’s Family Drive-In at La Grange, Kentucky: Newsbus 2 July.

Parkway Drive-in in Maryville, Tennessee: Newsboys July 6.

Another Christian music star, Michael W. Smith, has booked a “Worship Drive-in Concert” for Franklin, Tennessee, on May 30, although it is not the current theater, but will be held at Williamson County AG Expo Park.

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