September 18, 2021


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Dua Lipa releases ‘Nostalgia’ remix album with Medina’s Jane Stephanie

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Duar Lipa, whose software album, “Future Nostalgia” has been widely acclaimed as the best pop collection of all time, announced on social media on Tuesday night that he is keeping valuable remixes of the entire album, including a list of stars.

“Club Future Nostalgia: Remix Album” to be released on August 21. In a week’s time, it will release a single remix called “Leviting” addressing Madonna and Missy Elliott, which has already been announced and accepted by most fans as one-off.

News of additional collaborations at the Lipper Post is that Gwen Stefani will join her in a new version of “Lebiting”, re-created by creator Mark Ronson, who is featured in all of the artwork mentioned above with the post. . Other announcements by famous guests that Lipa added would appear on the cards, “… and many more surprises.”

As one fan on Twitter wrote, this is still an incomplete guest list: “Imagine having all your idols in your unique album at the age of 25.”

At least one agglutinous eye on Twitter seemed to have a glimpse of the Normani leg in the corner of the image, so clues from other cameras in the new collection may be hidden in the artwork. Lipa had previously hinted in an interview with Andy Cohen in May that there was already a collaboration with Norman and that “you’ll hear it soon.”

Fans will also be curious that Miley Cyrus could discover this mix, so to speak as Lipa told Cohen that they worked on a track together, then “decided we wanted to do something different in the studio and”, although this time he “once We didn’t expect anything to come out of it until the quarantine was over and we could all hang out again.

However, Lipa-Hollyx can expect a longer list of tracks than the original album, as its message promises to “re-blend all ‘future nostalgia’ tracks according to your fall.”

The original album’s sidaf single, “Don’t Start Now,” has slammed into No. 1 in most regions, yet hung on as one of the most tolerable and celebrated pop smashes of the year and is often referred to as the top Grammy contestant.

In March, DiversityA review of the original “Future Nostalgia” called it a “crowd of genuine joy” and a “drug happy”. It is an impeccable craft, happily pop half an hour plus perfect execution No. Fill the (then epidemic) moment, perhaps, just to remind you how good it feels as a human being to feel and stay in love. And must be in the studio 54. “

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