September 22, 2021


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Dua Lipa’s ‘Studio 2054’ livestream has 5 million-plus views

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Dua Lipper’s “Studio 2054” livestream concert event was announced by its representatives in an announcement that the match could be a paid livestream record. This includes more than 1.9 million unique log-in from China, 95,000 from India and 2,263,2644 tickets sold across the regular ticketing platform, suggesting that the 5 million views is “conservative and not a final one,” the statement said. Both, ”the declaration said.

The “Studio 2054” livestream will be available at until 11:59 on Sunday, December 6, with tickets up to 7.50 / 8.50 euros / 10.00.

A variety of Chris Wilman reviews, the show featured guests like Elton John, Kylie Minogue and Miley Cyrus, Lipper got from two full-length albums and more, and “felt like a happy transition to another galaxy, where both dance and dopamine are still present. , And joy is the present thing, not the nostalgia of the past or future.

“Zero had a special effect on his Black Friday show, apart from the way the camera was captured in a few different connected locations in London’s multifaceted Print Works venue. If anything, the show tried to throw out a low-tech concept, especially in the beginning, with some of the scenes that could be done in the ’70s,’ 80s, or ’90s, with Lipa as her Grammy-nominated “future.” Nostalgia ”goes back to the album’s soundtrack. (How did you get a throwback in the end? Two words: roller disco)) “Read the full review here.

Ben Mauson of Lipper management TP Music commented: “I am exceptionally proud of Dua and the huge team behind this incredible performance. It was really important for Duar to create something beyond the confines of a normal live show or stream, and he achieved this through Studio 2054. Aud listeners are becoming increasingly predictable as to intelligent, live streaming, whether it is a new and evolving one. The market that made it so exciting that he was so surprised that he achieved high observation figures. We’re estimating more than 5 million viewers based on multiple people watching each stream, but the actual number could be closer to 8 or 9 million. I hope many families have seen it together. It was a huge undertaking but I am so proud that Dua has once again shown herself to be one of the world’s pop stars. “

Pete Abbott – Creative Producer of the show, said: “The show has been working closely with Dua Lipa and Tapi Music to create new and epidemiologically compatible ways to promote Duar Leuch and Napdalji’s albums by 2020. The same fancy approach was used to create the same Studio 2054. ”Typically a concert performance is a short break from the routine, designed to experience spending the night with friends; As much observational experience as you are about who you see with whom. Instead of trying to replicate that experience, we worked closely with Dua to create a colorful, evolving song film; Performances and party celebrations. “

Mark Watson, director of Liveno, added: “We are exceptionally proud of what we achieved on Friday night. It was a very complex and choreographed production and it proved that our music business could manage on a global scale. ‘Studio 2054’ shows that artists can create unique live events designed for the experience sitting at home, which delights their fans and attracts large sponsors. It’s not easy, but we’ve proven that if you get the creative format and marketing right, there is a significant and growing consumer demand for streaming live music events around the world. “

“Studio 2054” Creative Team

Creative Direction and Production – Event London

Director – Liz Clare

DOP – Nut Hill

Producer – Kate Sinden

Set Design – Block 9

Light design – Pixelmappers

Music Directions – WFB Live

Choreography – Charm Ladona, Alex Clark

Styling – Lorenzo Posco

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